Monday, June 15, 2015

Delivery Time! Cards from Stubby! (Pt. 2)

Note:  I actually wrote this post before the group break madness began.  I decided to intersperse a few non-group break posts throughout the various box recaps...enjoy something non-Archives related!


It's time to take a look at another team bag from the box of cards that Stubby sent my way awhile back.  This time, we look at some of the Pacific goodies!

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the Pacific brand.  When I was a kid, Pacific cards were fairly difficult to find - and now, sheesh.  It's all-but-impossible to find unopened boxes of Pacific cards (except maybe the putrid Pacific online set).  Thus, whenever someone sends me Pacific cards I'm always thankful - even if not every year of Pacific is a winner.

We begin with a 1997 Bret Boone card - not the best Pacific design (that's actually gold foil on the one side even though it may appear silver from the scan).  I don't care for that much foil usually...but I do like the photo quite a bit (and the fact that you get a full color team logo on the front of the card)!
Stubby sent me a few cards from the '97 set but my favorite card was hands down this Reggie Sanders.

Now that is a horizontal card done right!  Even the gaudy gold nameplate looks good on this card!

Shifting back in time a bit, Stubby also sent along a pile of 1994 Pacific cards.  For my money, Pacific cards with the banner (seen in the upper corner here) aren't nearly as good as the later Pacific cards...but having said that, the 1994 set is actually really nice!
You even get Pacific's version of a rookie cup - much fancier than Topps' rookie cup (though obviously nowhere near as iconic)!

I had to show the back of a card simply because I'm a sucker for the team logo watermark behind the player statistics box.  It's a great looking back of a card - so great, in fact, that I'll forgive the fact that there aren't full career statistics displayed.

Overall, I loved the Pacific cards that Stubby sent along - but my favorite of all of 'em was the final card I scanned for this post...
Yeah, no surprise there!  A new Barry Larkin card for my collection is always appreciated - and making it a new Pacific Barry Larkin card?  Super awesome!

Many thanks for the great cards - and yes, there is still more to come from the box that Stubby sent along.  Stay tuned for that - and while you wait, why not check out my want list to see if you too can complete a trade with me!


Anthony Burbatt said...

Pacific sets from the late 90's are louder than a pack of teenage girls at a One Direction meet and great - and I love it!

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