Saturday, June 06, 2015

The Great Reorganization: Step 12: To Collect or Not? (1990 Edition)

A few days ago, I posted Step 11 in my Great Reorganization process.  I'm pleased to report that less than a month later I've made another substantial step in the right direction!  For today's post, I decided to take a long, hard look at the various card sets from the last year my Reds won the World Series (1990).

Back before I moved to my new house, I had started my reorganization and decided back then that 1990 had four possible sets that I might choose to collect.
  • Fleer
  • Score
  • Topps 
  • Upper Deck
A nice simple list - and as it turns out, I ended up having a lot of cards from each of the four sets which meant I couldn't easily decided which to collect and which to give up on (and so I left that decision for a later day).

Well, that later day has come.

Let's go through the four options in alphabetical order and see what we come up with.

1990 Fleer:

Pros:  A simple, clean design with easy-to-read names and lovely team logos.  The backs are chock full of statistics and informational tidbits about each player.  I think I probably have well over half the set, possibly even three-quarters of it already.
Cons:  Mostly boring images, definitely feels like a low quality set.

1990 Score:

Pros:  Nice and colorful set with team logos on the front.  The backs feature a second (color) photograph along with statistics and a nice write up for the player.  Easy-to-read card numbers.  The set seems underrated by most!
Cons:  Of the four possible sets, I have the least emotional attachment to 1990 Score.   Some of the border colors are hideous with certain team combinations.

1990 Topps:

Pros:  Love it or hate it, the 1990 design is iconic.  This is the set I associate 1990 with when thinking about baseball cards from my childhood.
Cons:  Not great photography for the most part, no team logos, fairly hideous card backs (especially compared to the other three sets on the list).

1990 Upper Deck:

Pros:  The fanciest of the four sets.  Team logos on the front.  Nice secondary photo on the back.  Easy-to-read card numbers.  Best photography of the four sets for sure.
Cons:  I hate sideways text (which is how all the statistics are oriented in the set).  I think I'm missing more cards from this set than I am from any of the other three sets on the list.


As you can see, each set has its share of pluses and minuses.

Thus, it's time for the big question.

Which set(s) to try and collect and which to give up on.

1990 Topps:
Verdict:  Keep!

I actually have the full 1990 Topps set (which was a surprise to me if I'm being honest).  I must have added this to my want list in the past and then promptly forgotten about it.  I think that's a perfect summary of 1990 Topps...forgettable.  In the binder and then forget about it.  All that said, I have to admit the goofy, rather dull set will always hold a special place in my heart and so I'm pleased to have the full set in my collection - even if it isn't a set that I'll look at over and over again.

1990 Upper Deck:
Verdict:  Nope!

I really, really wanted to collect this set when I began this post...but it turns out that I only own about 100 or so cards from the set.  Upon further studying the cards that I do own, I realized that the 1990 Upper Deck set isn't quite as nice as the 1991 set...and I already ruled that set out awhile ago.  Thus, difficult decisions must continue to be made if I am ever to get my collection organized fully...and so sorry Upper Deck, no binders for you!

1990 Score:
Verdict:   Not happening.

The 1990 Score set is way nicer than I ever thought it was.  Just looking through the cards I had, I found a bunch that I liked - plus the entire thing is full of color and life.  It's a stark contrast to the 1990 Topps set, that's for sure!  However, for as much as I do like the set I simply do not own nearly enough cards from the set to make an honest go out of collecting the full set.  I know I need to keep my collection somewhat mean and lean if I am to continuing adding new sets as they come out so unfortunately for Score, it didn't quite meet my standards for being a set to collect.

1990 Fleer:
Verdict:  Collect it!

The 1990 Fleer set ended up being the toughest choice of the four sets.  The set is undeniably boring (or classically clean and simple, depending how you look at it).  I own quite a few cards from the 1990 Fleer set - probably somewhere around 50% or so I would guess.  That is enough for me to decide to keep the set...for now.  1990 Fleer is on life support in my collection, but for now it will have a home.  At some point in the near(ish) future I'll figure out exactly what I still need from the set and then add it to my want list.  I'm sure some of you can't wait to unload your unwanted '90 Fleer cards...and in due time I'll be happy to have 'em!

Programming note:  Today is my wife's birthday so I probably won't be on the blogs much.  I do hope to continue my reorganization of my collection in the near future - I have a long, long ways to go if I am to get this done before the 2016 sets start rolling out!


Mark Kaz said...

I think you made the right choices. Of these '90 sets, I have 'em ranked as: Topps, Fleer, UD and Score. I'm with ya on '90 Score -- zero attachment whatsoever to it.

Brian said...

I probably would have done the same - 1990 didn't really have any set that blew me away. Even Upper Deck, which is supposed to be premium, now feels a bit thin and uninteresting to me.
Any thoughts on 1990 Leaf?

and Happy Birthday to Mrs. Nachos Grande!

defgav said...

What about Donruss?! haha. 1990 was the year I first started collecting, so all these sets are somewhat sentimental to me. That said, I don't really feel like going after any of these sets. But I did buy 90 Leaf a while back, though.

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