Friday, July 24, 2015

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 2 - Packs 5 - 8 (A TRUE 1/1!!)

Welcome back to more Ginter goodness!  In the first post for this box, we pulled our first hit plus a sweet pirate-themed mini card (and a 10th anniversary framed mini).  What will the next batch of cards hold?

Box 2:
Packs 5 - 8:

The next four packs out of the box produced two more Reds for me (Brandon Phillips and Devon Mesoraco).  I also landed the delightful Michelle Beadle base card (seen above) and the Malala Yousafzai short print (seen below).

The Malala card was one of four (!) short prints (one per pack once again).  I only know about Malala through her multiple appearances on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  I must say that every time I see her on the show and listen to her, she never ceases to amaze.  I can't possibly imagine going through what she did and being as optimistic and positive as she is.  She's an amazing person and definitely worthy of the "champions" moniker of Allen & Ginter!

Moving onto less serious matters, how about some continental drift?

That's a Great Scott full-sized insert card which discusses the idea that the continents are not stationary.  We pretty much only hear about continents and tectonic plates two times in our lifetime:  elementary school and whenever there is a major earthquake.

The next card discusses something that we still hear about in the news every now and then - a base on the moon.

This is my first What Once Would Be card.  According to the back of the card, the US Air Force determined that they could create an underground base on the moon by 1968.  That's the first I had heard that particular story...and I guess I'm glad that no one has managed to weaponize the moon, that seems like a bad idea for all of humanity.

Of the four minis, three were dull (2 regular backs plus an Evan Longoria A&G back mini).  I didn't bother scanning those because there was one exciting mini that I pulled.

My first ever wood mini!

That's a 1/1 (hand numbered on the back) of Torii Hunter of the Minnesota Twins.  I've never pulled (or even felt) an Allen & Ginter wood mini so seeing the card fall from the pack gave me a jolt of excitement!  The wood minis are crazy tough pulls (seeded 1:2,264 packs)!

As you can see, it's hand numbered 1/1 making it even cooler!

It's becoming obvious to me that perhaps I should have used this box for Gint-a-Cuffs...that wood mini probably would have been enough to win the contest...especially if someone picks Hunter as his or her favorite player (long live the multiplier)!  As it is, I'm simply excited to get such a rare card - and hopefully it will help pay for a chunk of my case!


The Lost Collector said...

Whoa. That is awesome!

CaptKirk42 said...

Congrats on pulling a 1/1 wood card.

The Junior Junkie said...

Dang. That's a sexy wooden beast.

Zippy Zappy said...

Nice wood.

"That seems like a bad idea for all of humanity."
Just another day in the life of a human.

Matthew Scott said...

Very nice!

Tim B. said...

Incredible pull, congrats!

P-town Tom said...

I've never seen a wood mini in person either. I was thinking the back would be would also, thanks for educating me!

jaybarkerfan said...

Napkin soon would love that!!!

Community Gum said...

Wow! Congratulations! I love the look of those.

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