Monday, July 27, 2015

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 4 - Box Topper and Packs 1 - 4 (Over-sized Longo and a 10th Anniversary Parallel #/10!)

It's time to dig into box #4 of the case - we've officially gone past the first layer of hobby boxes in the large cardboard box that holds the contents of the case!

Box 4:
Box Topper:

The box topper is an Evan Longoria cabinet card.  This one doesn't interest me much - so it'll probably end up on eBay along with lots of other stuff out of the case.  That said, I do like this design better than the simple oversized reprints (like the Mike Trout that I pulled in box #1).

Packs 1 - 4:

We begin box #4 with three short prints plus a fourth short print parallel.  I actually received the regular Ian Desmond short print in one of the four packs and then the 10th Anniversary parallel (numbered 03/10 in gold foil) in a different pack.  The 10th Anniversary parallels are quite rare (seeded 1:393 packs) which means we are off to a good start with box #4!

The minis were also quite good. We got a pair of regular backs (including a short print) as well as a Matt Garza black bordered mini.  The real highlight for me though was the Julia Tyler mini from the First Ladies insert set.

I'm going to be as active as possible in terms of trading for any remaining mini inserts that I need once my case is done - so please, keep me in mind!!

Finally, a couple of full-sized inserts including a Great Scott! card of X-Ray diffraction (which mostly looks like a bunch of balloons or grapes) and an Ancient Armory card of the Trident.

It should be no surprise that I chose to scan the card detailing something that can be traced back to ancient Greece since I so love Greece (and ancient Greek culture)!

I have to admit, that was a pretty good start to box #4.  Let's hope the good luck continues!


Jsmith28 said...

would you be willing to trade that longoria card? am a huge fan of the Rays.

Nachos Grande said...

Yes, I would be willing to trade. Shoot me an email and we can work something out!

Tim B. said...

Is there any chance that the Desmond hasn't wound up on eBay yet?

Nachos Grande said...

Tim, the Desmond is on eBay, sorry!

Jsmith28 said...

Nachos what is your email?

Nachos Grande said...

fanofreds (dot) auctions (at) gmail (dot) com (note the plural in the names)

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