Wednesday, July 29, 2015

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 5 - Packs 1 - 6 (Orange Jersey Hit!)

At my previous rate of 4 packs per post, I figured that I would be drawing out the Ginter case on my blog for a bit too long.  I'm going to up each post to contain 6 packs - hopefully that both speeds up the process and yet doesn't force me to run two scans per post.  We shall see I guess!

Box 5:
Box topper:

My box topper is an oversized reprint of Robinson Cano - the most boring of all the box toppers in the set in my opinion.  These seem more like something that could be a "bonus card" in a retail blaster of Ginter - sort of like what Upper Deck used to do in the late 90s.

Packs 1 - 6:

The good news is that with 6 packs per post, I probably won't need to scan any more base cards.  I say good news because at this point I think I've seen every base card at least once...and remember which cards I have and haven't scanned is all but impossible.

As for box 5, the first six packs were an ominous start - my three full-sized inserts were all duplicates (not sure about the Starting Points cards since those aren't sorted yet).  I did manage to pull a single mini insert at least (the Laura Bush First Ladies card).

The only other highlight from the first quarter of the box was another framed relic - this time with a bright orange bit of cloth!

That's Wei-Yin Chen of the Orioles...and it's probably my favorite of the relics so far!  I love getting bright colored bits of cloth, they somehow seem way more exciting than the usual whites, grays, and blacks that we are used to.

A solid ending to an otherwise dreary first bunch of packs.  Let's hope this box improves rapidly!


buckstorecards said...

i was hoping that would be a Bruce Chen relic.

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