Monday, July 06, 2015

Barry Larkin Collection 377: 1996 Bowman - #18 - Foil Parallel

Barry Larkin
Year:  1996
Brand:  Bowman
Parallel set:  Foil
Card number:  18

I don't think that most brands had jumped on the "pointless parallels" in 1996...but Bowman sure did.  In fact, Bowman had this foil parallel set for the entire 300 card base set plus Bowman had parallels of their insert sets in 1996.  There's no reason for that sort of nonsense.

What's even worse is that this foil parallel is actually somehow uglier than the regular base card version (also in my collection).  When you have to make parallels the least you can do is make them somehow better (or more interesting) than the regular base cards.  Ugh.


Bru said...

I dunno. Topps Gold starts in 92. UD Electric Diamond hits in 94, as does Donruss Special Edition and Score Gold Rush. SP "Superbafoil" in 95.
I feel like 95 is when press proofs start popping up too.

Bru said...

Oh and Stadium Club 1st Day issue, 93.

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