Sunday, August 16, 2015

2015 Gint-a-Cuffs: Pack 11 (In Which We Flail About)

The best part about having written all these posts a month ago is that I've basically totally forgotten what exactly was in this box!  I am pleased with my pun in the post title from a month least my sense of humor (such as it is) hasn't wavered in the past thirty days.

Points so far: 65 (with the usual note about the box topper)

Pack 11:

8.  Garrett Richards
186.  Desmond Jennings
80.  Joe Gatto
46.  Andrew McCutchen
83.  Matt Harvey
217.  Wade Miley
Ancient Armory:  AA-9.  Flail  (+2 points)
Reg. back mini:  157.  Jose Reyes
Code ad card

Pack total:  2 points
Points so far:   67 points

Oof.  A two point pack does not help my per pack average at all!!  This particular pack was probably one of the worst packs of the case...not one player of interest to me - and even the flail is a sort of dumb weapon (at least as compared to many of the other weapons in the set)!  The one bit of good news is that this pack was Yankee free at least.


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