Monday, August 24, 2015

2015 Gint-a-Cuffs: Pack 18 (Another Buyback)

I'm still holding out hope that I can finish at the top of the leaderboard.  I need to avoid Yankees and I need to start pulling a lot of high point cards.  No better time to start the plan than right now - after all, I need to average about 7.5 points per pack from here on out to top the current leader (as of the time I wrote this intro anyhow).

Points so far: 107.2

Pack 18:

162.  Anthony Rizzo  (+2 favorite player)
243.  Jean Segura
340.  Neftali Feliz
155.  Mike Moustakas
20.  Leonys Martin
Menagerie of the Mind:  MM-13.  Cyclops
10th Anniversary Buyback:  (2008 A&G):  100.  David Wright  (+2 favorite player, +3 buyback = +5)
A&G back mini:  226.  Nolan Arenado  (+2 for different back)

Pack total:  9 points
Points so far:   116.2 points

Well, I managed to sneak over the 7.5 pack total that I needed for this pack - that's good news for me!  Let's hope my good run can continue as we approach the final few packs of the box!


Eric Eckstein said...

Is the MM not a +2?

Nachos Grande said...

Whoops, yes it is. Thanks!

Nachos Grande said...

my totals on my next few posts will be wrong but I'll correct it when we get to pack 22.

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