Thursday, August 27, 2015

2015 Gint-a-Cuffs: Pack 21 (The End is Nigh!)

I need four monster packs to end the box if I am to have any hope of winning.  Here goes nothing!

Points so far: 121.2

Pack 21:

86.  Rick Porcello
182.  Todd Frazier  (+1 my team!)
315.  Steve Cishek
109.  Troy Tulowitzki
90.  Darren Rovell
252.  Mike Trout (+2 favorite team)
What Once Was Believed:  Was-6.  Brontosaurus  (+2)
A&G back mini:  262.  Alex Cobb (+2)

Pack total:  7 points
Points so far:   128.2 points

I needed to average about 9 points per remaining pack to catch the current "official" leader in defgav.  Seven points is a decent pack total for my box, but it's not enough for what I need (and this is ignoring that the box on Bubba's Bangin' Bits blog is going to blow defgav's total out of the water)!  Oh well, it's been a fun run...though I do have one more hit, so maybe I can still make this interesting?


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