Monday, August 10, 2015

2015 Gint-a-Cuffs: Pack 5 (A Framed Mini)

Here we go with Pack #5 out of the box to start off this Monday morning.

Points so far:  32 (barring any scoring change to the box topper)

Pack 5:

207.  Derek Norris
317.  Hunter Strickland
11. Carlos Santana
188.  Shelby Miller
What Once Was Believed:  WAS-9.  California Island (+2 points)
First Ladies:  FIRST-23.  Edith Roosevelt  (+2 points)
10th Anniversary Mini Buyback:  2012 #55.  Colin Montgomerie  (+4 points)

Pack 5 provided the second mini insert of the box (both being from the First Ladies set).  The framed mini could have been better though - a baseball player perhaps?

Pack total:  8 points
Points so far:   40 points

Again, that 40 points is dependent upon a final scoring ruling for my box topper.  Whenever that ruling takes place, I will update the score accordingly (at least on the post for whatever current pack I'm on...I don't see any real reason to backtrack and update all the previous pack posts).


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