Monday, August 31, 2015

The Little League World Series - and Wishing It Came With Bubblegum!

As many of you probably know, the Little League World Series was this past weekend.

(I'm actually writing this post a few hours before the US & World Championships games occur on Saturday.)

I  work in Williamsport, PA (home of the Little League World Series) so the LLWS is very near and dear to my heart.  Even more exciting for me, one of the teams in the US Championship is a Pennsylvania team - and the head coach of that team is an alumni of the college I work for.

Suffice to say, I'm rooting for PA today!

Note:  A few years ago I took a bunch of pictures when I was at the LLWS - if you want to experience it that way, feel free to check out this old post!

While I bide my time waiting for the game to start, I figured I should try to get through some of the mail that piled up over the past week or so - after all, last week was the first week with all the students back at college so by the time I got home from work each night, I was exhausted!

Today's packages is a PWE stuffed with goodies courtesy of Jeff over at Wish They Still Came With Bubblegum.  Jeff and I completed a simple little trade (you can read about his end of the deal here).

The best part of the trade with Jeff was probably that he finished off my 2015 Topps Archives base set for me by sending me the final two cards that I needed.  Who were the two toughest cards to track down?  None other than Joe DiMaggio and Yoenis Cespedes!

In addition, Jeff helped me out with a couple of my 2015 Allen & Ginter wants - though I still have a lonnnnnngggggg way to go with that set!

First up from that set, one of the Healthy Body mini cards - this one being the Vibrating Belt Machine.

According to the card back, the vibrating belt machine was supposed to "shake off the extra pounds without the need for actual exercise."  Sure seems like a good idea, too bad it didn't work!

Another new mini for me - this time from the insect insert set.

Topps usually focuses on big creatures so getting a set called A World Beneath Our Feet is kind of refreshing.  In an fun coincidence,the scientific name of the bug is Photuris Pensylvanica - perhaps a good omen for the PA LLWS team later today?!

Finally, Jeff sent a couple of random Reds to fill out the PWE.

The Gapper card is really only of note for what I found on the backside of the card.

Why does a non-signature card have that little blurb on it?  In case it is hard to read on the device you are using to view my blog - the card back says - and I quote - "The signing of all autographs is witnessed by a Topps representative to guarantee authenticity."

Why is that line there?  That's the big question that I have for now...a question that is only trumped by the question of "Can the PA team win today?"

Thanks for the great trade, Jeff!  As for anyone else, if you'd like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


Ryan G said...

Some of the Mascots inserts have autograph "parallels" - Topps might have either accidentally left it on, or just used the same cards to be autographed. But that brings up the question - when Topps witnesses the mascots signing cards, are they in their costumes? If they aren't, then is it really signed by the mascot?

Jeff Jones said...

I am working on another package to send your way, I never seem to pull Reds but will be looking out for some at the next card show I attend.

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