Friday, September 18, 2015

Flashback Friday: 1990 Unopened Wax Pack

On social media, Throwback Thursday seems to be a popular thing where people post old photos (usually) of themselves (or their pets or kids) in an attempt to bring a little nostalgia to the everyday daily grind.

I figured it might be fun to do a similar thing here at Nachos Grande - only instead of pictures of me as a kid, you get a post that somehow references something from my past.  To start us off, today's Flashback Friday takes us back to 1990 when I would anxiously await for my dad to get home from work.

You see, sometimes when he came home he would have a brand new pack of cards for my brother and I.  In 1990, my dad must have been in a super giving mood because I vividly recall getting many, many packs of baseball cards that year (it probably didn't hurt any that that was the one year the Reds were good)!  Out of all the sets though, I think the vast majority of the packs my dad brought home were either Topps or Fleer.

And that brings us to today's Flashback Friday:

A brand new, unopened pack of 1990 Fleer.

As you can see, back in 1990 you got a lot of baseball cards for your money...15 in fact in Fleer (plus an additional sticker card).  I used to love those sticker cards...heck, I still do.

I have to admit, I'm kind of excited to open this pack - so let's do so right now!

Upon ripping the pack, I couldn't help but wonder how soon it will be until Topps (or maybe Panini) starts packaging a retro set in actual wax packs again.

Let's take a look at the cards - so many of them that I need multiple scans to show off the entire pack!
In the order the cards appeared (saving the sticker card for last), we have:

Randy Milligan:  I have no recollection of this card nor of Milligan.
Checklist:  This checklist has the Braves, Tigers, plus the subsets on it.  I always loved checklists like this (especially when broken down by team).  I definitely had a number of the 1990 Fleer checklists and I am positive that I marked them all up!
Eric Plunk:  I vaguely recall pulling Plunk cards back in the day.  I never liked the Yankees though so this card wouldn't have been a fun pull even back then.
Cecilio Guante:  I think this is my favorite card that I've pulled so far - and I'm fairly certain I never owned this card as a kid.  That's great though since I have already decided that I'm going to try and put the entire 1990 Fleer set together sometime soon!
Pete Incaviglia:  Two Rangers in a row, though I think it's safe to say that Pete is the much bigger name out of the pair.
Darrell Evans:  As a kid, I hated the Braves - they were always TBS (rather than my Reds) and for whatever reason it seemed like the Reds couldn't ever beat Atlanta.  This card brings back bad memories.
Mark Lemke:  And just like that, we get two Braves in a row.  Ugh.
Willie Randolph:  The Dodgers were a team that I didn't feel any particular way about back in the day.  Now when I pull one all I can think is "good, my trade stock gets replenished a bit."
Jay Tibbs:  Another card that I am fairly certain is brand new for me - even if the actual image is incredibly boring (a big problem with a lot of 1990 Fleer shots if I'm being honest).

Gerald Young:  I always liked the yellow for the Astros borders in this set.
Rickey Henderson:  Our first true superstar of the pack!
Steve Rosenberg:  Who is this guy?  And why are there numbers on his pant leg...what an ugly uniform!
Rick Mahler:   Alright!  The eight-year-old me is super excited right now!  A Red makes any pack a good pack!
Marquis Grissom:  Another decent name - this pack has been solid for sure.
Darnell Coles:  At first, I saw the Mariners' logo and thought I might have a Griffey Jr. on my hands.  Alas, it wasn't to be.

AL Stickers:  Four stickers in one!  When I was a kid I used to try and draw the various team logos...and I'm an awful artist so I know that I never got the Orioles logo correct.  From what I remember, I did alright with the other three logos on this card however!

Notice that this pack didn't have any inserts, foil, or "big mojo hits."  We didn't need that crap to enjoy packs of cards when I was a kid.

Now go get off my lawn.


Tony Burbs said...

I've always been fond of this set, it's simplistic design is the embodiment of KISS (not the band) and color coding is always a nice touch. One of my favorite junk wax sets.

Brian said...

Cecilio Guante - best card in the pack - a rare interesting photo from '90 Fleer.
Rickey's card would have been better if it was less blurry/grainy.
Having everyone's head stick out over the border is a choice that works sometimes (Mahler), but generally just looks pointless.

RAZ said...

A lot of the photo sets that Topps has released recently, like the Major League 5x7's and some of their sports mini-posters have been packed in wax packs. I have some 8x10 or 9x11 A's print sets that they sold last year, and they came in big wax packs.

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