Friday, October 30, 2015

A Letter to My Fans.

Hi all,

I am sure that you came back to my blog with the hopes of seeing more group break goodies.

Unfortunately, the past three weeks have been a bear and I ended up running out of "previously recorded videos" and/or "previously scanned cards" for the group break.  I actually do have one more video that I have recorded (more bonus packs) but I never got the chance to upload it to YouTube before heading off to work today (Friday).

The good news is that I managed to get my work life all sorted out this week.  I know that I had sort of hinted at some work issues in a post or video (or more) but that was because it was the one topic that was occupying all of my brain.  Now I can (pretty much) say that things are back to being settled in a way that makes me satisfied!  About three weeks ago, I was ready to give my place of employment my two week notice due to how I felt I was being treated (and a variety of issues that I won't go into on the blog).  Instead, the higher ups got together, heard my grievances, and then made things right as of a day or so ago.  I think I spent the last two weeks in a constant state of stress (because quitting my job meant having to find a new ASAP) and then I had the stress of the current job as well.  Happily, that should all be behind me starting in January when my new contract begins!

Thus, I should get back on the blogging horse tomorrow and we'll get the group break going at a proper clip again!

Thanks for your patience (and go Royals)!



P-town Tom said...

Work. Hmph. I hate when work gets in the way of life. I hope your new contract is a good one, which means more blog posts of baseball cards! Happy Friday!

Stealing Home said...

Glad to hear things worked out. More Grande power to you and this great blog!

RAZ said...

It's never good when there's drama at work. Good to hear things are looking up for you!

Matthew Scott said...

Glad things are getting back to normal.

Julie Owens said...

I completely understand. So glad this episode is behind you!

B Man said...

I am glad they heard you and you were able to get your needs met-what a relief for you and you wife.

The Big Kahuna said...

Ahhh yes...... The pains of our labor workplace. I know that path one too well. It's good that they heard you out and acted to resolve it in a very timely manner. Most companies don't do that anymore hardly. Be steadfast and unyielding in your workplace!

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