Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Delivery Time! Wish They Still Came With Bubblegum (or at Least a Ginter Insert)

One of my latest Trade Stacks had a Brave in it...and that was enough for Jeff (over at Wish They Still Came With Bubblegum) to claim the stack.  In return, Jeff sent me a 2015 Allen & Ginter Key to the City insert that I needed:

That's the Golden Gate Bridge which I'm pleased to report that I actually have seen in person.  I'm also pleased to make even the tiniest bit of headway into completing this insert set - it's been the most elusive set for me track down since it was a retail only set (and I didn't buy any Ginter retail this year).  If you have any available, here's the full list of what I'm still looking for.

In addition to the Golden Gate Bridge card, Jeff also threw in a few other Reds cards for me including my first 2015 Topps Stadium Club card.

From what I've seen on the blogs, the 2015 Stadium Club set looks awesome - but unfortunately for me, my finances pretty much excluded me from having any shot at collecting the set.  Thus, I'm super happy to get a card from the set as a "throw in" from a trade - and it's a good looking card!

And finally, one more scan for good measure.

How can you not love Jose Rijo?  I mean, seriously, he's a Cardboard Gem (I think that Night Owl does something like that...I would nominate Rijo for sure as a subject)!


Adam said...

Jose Rijo cards are great ... I like the ones from the mid 90s where he's got the water gun out.

william senke said...

I have a bunch of the Keys to the City Cards available for trade over at the Trading Card Database (TCDB) under member name wjsenke. I would be interested in your A&G buybacks.

Nachos Grande said...

William, I'd love to work out a trade - shoot me an email if you are interested (you can find my email on my want list page of my blog).

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