Friday, October 23, 2015

Group Break: 2015 Topps Chrome Box - Part 1

Last night, I ripped our box of 2015 Topps Chrome on video.  I didn't actually have enough time to upload the video though so for now you get a written recap of the box...and eventually I'll get the video posted for those that prefer the action in "real time."

Since the box contains 24 packs, I've split up the posts into four posts with 6 packs per post.  And since each pack only has 4 cards, I'll take the time to type up every card.  I should note that the order of the packs in the post is most likely not the order that I opened them on video.

Pack 1:

76.  Andrew McCutchen - Pirates
113.  Albert Pujols - Angels
156.  Kennys Vargas - Twins
Prism Refractor:  148.  Jake Lamb - Diamondbacks

The D-Backs land the first (of many) parallels in the box!  Congrats to defgav for that card...and as a bit of a spoiler, that won't be the last time I congratulate defgav during the unveiling of this box!

Pack 2:

Trevor May - Twins
Matt Harvey - Mets
Joe Panik - Giants
Refractor:  Steven Moya - Tigers

You can see that I already tired of writing out the card numbers.  I don't see any need for that with this box, I don't think the same player will appear on multiple card numbers.

Pack 3:

Freddie Freeman - Braves
Adam Wainwright - Cardinals

Josh Harrison - Pirates
Nolan Arenado - Rockies

When I have to scan a Wainwright card, you know you stumbled across a pretty dull pack (at least by my standards).  I'm sure CardinalsFan16 (who claimed St. Louis) disagrees with me!  I also should note that the mark behind Wainwright's head is actually part of the photograph, not a fingerprint smear like I initially feared!

Pack 4:

J.J. Hardy - Orioles
Chris Archer - Rays
Ryan Howard - Phillies
Future Stars:  Jorge Soler - Cubs

The Future Stars are seeded 1:12 packs.  Soler's a nice pick up for Tim B. who claimed Chicago this time around.  The design of these looks pretty sharp when all Chromed up!

Pack 5:

James Shields - Padres
Javier Baez - Cubs
Mookie Betts - Red Sox
Refractor:  Terrance Gore - Royals

Pack 6:

Craig Kimbrel - Padres
Buster Posey - Giants
Archie Bradley - Diamondbacks
Green Refractor:  Jose Pirela - Yankees #13/99

A big congrats to Jordan who claimed the Yankees.  That green bordered refractor is a really nice looking card...and a tough pull at 1:97 packs!!

I'd say that was a good way to end the first quarter of the box.  We still have two promised autographs, plus some more inserts and parallels to discover - stay tuned for more in the near future!


Brian said...

The Green Chrome refractors are probably my favorite parallel from the that set, they look really good in hand.

Jordan said...

Yeah, NOW I'm pretty thankful I finally entered one of these group breaks. That Pirela is pretty cool looking. Once he starts playing more, it'll be even cooler.

B Man said...

Working towards my free 2015 A&G set! bo ya.

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