Monday, October 26, 2015

Group Break: 2015 Topps Chrome Box - Part 4 (the ending!)

We've finally hit the final post for the 2015 Topps Chrome box in our group break.  We have one more hit to uncover - let's check it out right now (along with the other packs in the final quarter of the box).

Pack 19:

Ian Kinsler - Tigers
Sean Doolittle - Athletics
Kris Bryant - Cubs
Future Stars:  Anthony Ranaudo - Rangers

A Chrome Kris Bryan rookie card is a pretty nice pull...but that Future Stars card is also pretty nice!  I guess congrats are in order to both Tim (Cubs) and B Man (Rangers) for this pack!

Pack 20:

Edwin Escobar - Red Sox
Giancarlo Stanton - Marlins
Mike Moustakas - Royals

Samuel Tuivailala - Cardinals

That Moustakas card is pretty awesome!  In fact, I'd say it is one of my favorite base cards in that set (at least from what I've seen so far)!

Pack 21:

Micah Johnson - White Sox
Zack Wheeler - Mets
Brandon Phillips - Reds
Refractor:  Nick Tropeano - Angels

For selfish reasons, I'm happy to get that Brandon Phillips base card!

Pack 22:

Anthony Ranaudo - Rangers
Russell Martin - Blue Jays
Anthony Rizzo - Cubs
Prism Refractor:  Erik Cordier - Giants

The Giants get in on the action (congrats Ben M.).  San Francisco has been fairly quiet thus far in the break...of course, it's super early so who knows what will happen!

Pack 23:

Dellin Betances - Yankees
Addison Russell - Cubs
Kevin Kiermaier - Rays
Blue Refractor:  Johnny Cueto - Reds #047/150

Wooooooo!  That Cueto is pretty nice looking (even if the border is Royals' blue *grumble grumble*).  The blue refractors are seeded 1:64 packs so pretty rare (even if not quite as rare as that green bordered refractor we pulled earlier in the box)!

Pack 24:

Miguel Cabrera - Tigers
Buck Farmer - Tigers
Mike Foltynewicz - Braves
Rookie Refractor Autograph:  Bryce Brentz - Red Sox #380/499

Wow, another nice pull - and a great way to end the first box of the break!  I don't know anything about Brentz, but I do know that the Rookie Refractor autos are seeded 1:54 packs which means our box provided quite a bit of bonus material!!

I hope everyone liked the first box - plenty more goodies to come yet.  And, for those that prefer video, here's the video of me breaking this box!


defgav said...

Nice! I'm not very familiar with Bryce Brentz either, but the card looks cool.

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