Thursday, October 15, 2015

Group Break (Tek, Heritage High Number, Stadium Club, Chrome) ...and introducing 14 bonus packs/blasters as well!

After the madness that was the Toronto Blue Jays game* last night, I figured I should update everyone on the current happenings of my upcoming group break.

*I'm writing this post while the Astros game is just beginning so perhaps there was even more baseball madness that I don't yet know about!

The good news is that the boxes of cards arrived today!  Behold the wonder:

That's a fun looking batch of cards.

Now, before I can actually start busting the packs I need to try and sell some more slots - there are sooooo many teams available (including, amazingly to me, the Yankees and Red Sox)!  As of the time I wrote this post, the following teams are still available:

  1. Arizona Diamondbacks -
  2. Baltimore Orioles - 
  3. Boston Red Sox  - 
  4. Cleveland Indians - 
  5. Florida Marlins - 
  6. Kansas City Royals - 
  7. Milwaukee Brewers - 
  8. Minnesota Twins - 
  9. New York Yankees - 
  10. Oakland Athletics -
  11. San Diego Padres - 
  12. San Francisco Giants - 
  13. Tampa Bay Rays - 
  14. Texas Rangers -
  15. Toronto Blue Jays - 

That's another 15 team slots that I'd love to sell.  And remember, if I sell all the slots then I'm throwing in a FULL 2015 Topps Allen & Ginter set for whichever slot does the worst in the break.  I'm also throwing in an unopened pack, blaster, and/or box for every slot that I do manage to sell (not counting the Reds' slot that I bought).  Since I haven't updated everyone on that since the initial post, let's see what else is joining the break for sure now!

Since I have sold a total of 14 team slots so far, I have 14 bonus unopened goodies slated to join the four boxes at the top of the post.  This group break has the potential to be a rather massive break if I can sell the remaining slots!!  For now, here are the extras that will be included (all are unopened).

First, a trio of Topps hanger packs from various years.

Don't worry, I won't be including that disgustingly stale bubblegum in anyone's flat rate mailer.  Trust me, that's a good thing.  In case you are wondering, the 2007 pack has a pair of Cardinals showing (one being Albert Pujols).  The 2006 pack has a National and an LA Dodgers team card showing while the final hanger pack has a Marlin and a Rays' card showing.

Next, a smattering of assorted packs from various manufacturers and years.

Included in that bundle are some actual wax packs plus an Upper Deck pack from one of Upper Deck's most popular sets of all time (1993 set).  The above packs represent a decent bit of variety - and certainly something different from all the 2015 boxes that make up the bulk of the group break.

Of course, I also promised boxes and/or blasters that I'd add as bonus items as I sell more slots.  When I hit the tenth sold slot, I added in this blaster of Panini Cooperstown - a really nice (unlicensed) set.

There is the potential to get autographs out of that blaster - how cool would that be for us?!

If you are counting at home, that's 11 of the 14 promised bonus items.  The final three make up the unopened oddball section of the group break.

That's two packs of MLB Chipz and a pack of TeenyMates.

As more group break slots get sold, there will be more goodies added.  I actually have another couple of blasters plus some full boxes to add the total number of slots grows to 20 (and ideally close to 29)!!  Please advertise this break - and if you want to get in on the fun - go here to sign up!


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