Thursday, October 22, 2015

Group Break: Topps Chrome Blaster & a Rack Pack! (We hit a 1:425 card!)

Yesterday was a pretty long day for me.  Heck, this past week has been long...but the one thing that is a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel is this group break.  It's fun knowing that I get to go home and open up some packs (even if that also means I have to scan and then sort cards)!

For today's post, I am going to open a 2006 Topps rack pack and then one of the two 2013 Topps Chrome blasters that I added to the group break.  As a reminder, I am hoping to get some of the ten remaining base cards that I need for my own 2013 Chrome set (and if I do pull a card that I need, I'm keeping it).

So, did I get any closer to my set?  Well, you probably should watch the video.  I will post scans of the best cards after the video (so don't scroll down unless you want to be spoiled).  I will say that we pulled a card that is seeded 1:425 packs - a monster pull from a blaster if you ask me!!

Now, let's get to some of the scans of what we got.  So as to avoid spoilers for those that don't want them, here's my favorite card from the 2006 Topps set (and yes, it's a card of two Reds - I told you that it was my favorite card)!

Now, moving on to the Topps Chrome blaster.  Each blaster in 2013 contained a pack of 4 purple refractors.

Our four refractors were spread across four teams (Padres - David, Red Sox - defgav, Braves - Matt S., and Phillies - Phungo).  For my money, the Medlin is the best of that group (at least based on image choice).

As a group break host, I'm always happy when the goodies get spread out - and for the purple refractors we went four for four in terms of different teams getting in on the action!

I won't be typing up every card that I open (or else this group break won't end until sometime in 2016) but I am reading off all the names on the video.  Instead, I'll try to scan the highlights of the packs and boxes - which usually means inserts, parallels, etc. but also any other cards that strike my fancy.

I didn't scan the two regular refractors (one was a Pirate, the other a White Sox) nor the Xfractor (Red Sox).  Instead, you get the lone insert which is going to the Angels.

That's Josh Hamilton rocking the very shiny Topps tombstone design!

While that's pretty good for a blaster, we did one better by pulling the aforementioned 1:425 packs card.

It's a black refractor of Jonathon Niese of the Mets numbered 061/100!!

A big congrats to Keith G. who has the Mets on the first big hit of the break.  I'm confident we'll get plenty more goodies before all is said and done (especially since most of the boxes promise hits)!

As usual, stay tuned for more in the upcoming days!


Brian said...

Great pull! I think one of the nice things about group breaks is that no matter what, you can cheer for someone getting a nice hit. Sometimes it will be you, sometimes it will be someone else...

Tim B. said...

I agree with what Brian said. It's a nice start to the break!

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