Friday, October 30, 2015

Group Break: Two Bonus Packs, 44 Bonus Cards, 2 Sticks of Gum

My final group break of 2015 is doing well so far.  We've busted the 2015 Chrome and 2015 Heritage High Number boxes and yet we still have 2015 Tek, 2015 Stadium Club, and 2014 Stadium Club to go.  We also have a box of Prizm, a blaster of 2013 Chrome, and a blaster of Cooperstown cards too.  In addition, we have a bunch of random bonus packs to round out the fun.  Today's post focuses on two of the bonus packs - a pair of rack packs from 2008 Topps.

I won't be typing up all 44 cards, but I did read off every single card in this pack rip video.  So, if you are really dying to see if you landed a particular card from 2008 Topps, give the video a watch.

For everyone else, here are the highlights of the packs (in my humble opinion of course).

For the Phillies, a nice combo card featuring Ryan Howard and Chase Utley.  

Chase's name has been drug through the mud thanks to his playoff escapades but back in 2008 these two guys were the future for the Phillies (and the future looked very bright at that time).  In hindsight, all the Phillies really managed to every accomplish was knocking my Reds out of the playoffs in a clean sweep.  

Yes, I'm bitter.  Still.

Moving on.  

How about a card that I'm not bitter about - Ichiro!

This is a Topps' Ichiro card from before Topps couldn't put Ichiro in cards (and now Topps can put Ichiro back in card sets).  Sure, it's confusing but it's still a nice card.

And finally, one of the few cards showing any action whatsoever.

I think my major dislike of the 2008 Topps set is how freaking boring the photos are.  Even so, I will admit that a pair of 22 card packs does make for some nice filler stuff in a group break!


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