Saturday, October 17, 2015

I've Updated My Elusive Eight (and a few other updates)!

The past few months...and especially the last week or two...have been awful for me both at work and with some family issues.  For many reasons (that I don't want to get into on the blog), life hasn't been good at Casa de Nachos.  As such, I haven't had much motivation or desire to do much by the time I get home other than maybe talk with the wife, watch a little playoff baseball, and then go to bed only to repeat the process the next day.

That leads me to yesterday (Friday).  I actually took the day off from work- and since I had to use a vacation day, I made myself a promise that I would not to do a lick of actual school-related work (including emails).  That freed up my mind and spirit a fact, enough that I was able to get into a little bit of a card sorting grove which was nice as well as I was able to clean off my desk of some LEGO stuff that I had accumulated.

One of the things that I was able to accomplish was that I wrote a review of the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine LEGO set.  You can check that out on my LEGO blog if you are interested.  On a card related note, I was finally able to go through my Elusive Eight page and update that with eight cards that I'd love to track down.  I've included a visual representation of each card with the hopes that someone will see the card and think "hey, I have that card, let's trade!"

Finally, I'm still trying to fill up my group break.  I'm hoping that the group break will help me kick this funk once and for help me out by claiming one of the last few remaining teams!

Things will be fine here, no worries about that in the long run.  However, in the short term things have kind of sucked.  Here's to a brighter future - and to what I hope is an awesome group break in the upcoming days!


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