Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Group Break is Approaching Monster Proportions: Five Boxes, Two Blasters, and Twenty-Two Additional Packs (and counting)!!

I am thinking that tomorrow is going to be the deadline to sign up for the group break - and as of this moment there are still eight slots remaining to be claimed.  Go here to sign up and claim a team!
  1. Arizona Diamondbacks -
  2. Cleveland Indians - 
  3. Florida Marlins - 
  4. Kansas City Royals - 
  5. Milwaukee Brewers - 
  6. Oakland Athletics - 
  7. Tampa Bay Rays - 
  8. Toronto Blue Jays - 
As I mentioned already, I plan to close the group break tomorrow but it'd be awesome if I could sell the final eight remaining slots.  Of course by now you know that for every slot that I do sell I am adding in additional unopened items.  And, now that we have moved past the 20 claimed slots threshold, I am now adding two unopened items per claimed slot.  Over the past 24 hours or so, I sold another two teams which means I now need to add four more unopened items into the group break.

Let's begin with some more unopened packs - three of them to be precise.  

I've already added a couple of other packs of the Triple Play set (mostly because those cards are so different from pretty much anything else).  However, of the three packs that I've now added, I am most excited to rip open the 1994 Extra Bases pack.  I don't think I've ever opened one of those packs before (though I do own the Barry Larkin card from the set).  

And the fourth (and final promised) unopened addition to the group break?  How about another blaster of cards?!

That's a full blaster of 2013 Topps Chrome.  I actually picked this blaster up for myself back when I was still needing a bunch of cards from the set.  However, in between the time that I bought the blaster and now, I managed to secure most of what I needed from the set via trade (and so the blaster has sat dormant).  I decided that the blaster would make for a fun bonus item in the break...BUT I am still working on my set.  So, if we happen to pull regular base cards of any of the following numbers (1, 10, 16, 32, 48, 119, 133, 136, 190, 220 ) then I will be keeping those cards for my set.  All other cards go into the group break (including any parallels, I am only chasing the base set).  

Now, in order to make up the fact that I might be keeping a card or two from that blaster (if all goes well for me), I decided to add another two bonus packs on top of everything else.

You are welcome!

And, for the record, here's what our group break looks like right now - everything you see in that photo is included for the low price of only $25 a slot.


For every additional slot sold, I'll keep upping the ante in terms of bonus items.  It's not yet too late - jump on in!


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