Saturday, November 14, 2015

2014 Topps Stadium Club: Mini Box #2 (Packs 1 - 2)

The first mini box out of the 2014 Stadium Club box yielded a Cardinals autograph and zero out of the three base cards that I need.  Let's hope the second mini box is a bit better to me at least.

Mini Box #2 - Pack 1:

Andrelton Simmons - Braves
Carlos Gomez - Brewers
Rickey Henderson - Athletics
Jay Bruce - Reds
Parallel:  Stephen Strasburg - Nationals

Pack 2:

Sandy Koufax - Dodgers
Greg Maddux - Braves
Jayson Werth - Nationals

Matt Holliday - Cardinals
Beam Team:  BT-24.  Masahiro Tanaka - Yankees

It's a bit weird that the Tanaka card has Athletics' colors but otherwise it's a nice, shiny card!  I love that Werth base card, easily one of the best images in the set if you ask me.  And, speaking of me, in case you were, I did not get any of the three base cards I need.


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