Monday, November 23, 2015

Delivery Time! Club PWE! (An Exercise in Being Thankful)

Last night, I began the process of trying to clean off my desk by posting the a trade envelope that had been sitting there for months.  Today, I return with another two envelopes (though both of these haven't been sitting on my desk for quite as long).

Jeff (from 2 by 3 Heroes) runs a great blog - and as a service to other bloggers out there, he also runs a program that he calls Club PWE.  Basically, Club PWE is Jeff's way of sending out a PWE full of cards to people at various points throughout the year.  I'm one of the lucky recipients of Jeff's much so that I ended up with two envelopes in under a month.

We should probably take a look at what Jeff sent my way - and in the spirit of giving thanks (after Thanksgiving is very soon), I'm going to find something to be thankful for with each of the four cards I chose to scan.

Johnny Cueto:

I'm thankful that I got to see Cueto be a great pitcher for a few years while wearing the Reds' uniform.  I'm also thankful that the Reds didn't put huge money on Cueto and instead traded him to the Royals for a bunch of prospects.  Cueto is a great pitcher, but he has way too many moving parts to make him a safe (or even a reasonable) bet if you are trying to hand out a big money contract.  And, of course, there's the whole "chant Cueto's name" if Cueto is the opponent in your ballpark and he seems to get totally flustered.

Adam Dunn:

I'm thankful for the Big Donkey, even if most Reds' fans would prefer to forget about the big lug.  Dunn provided a lot of power (and a lot of strikeouts) in the Reds' lineup...but I always respected for seemingly trying hard every game even during the years where the Reds completely stunk up the joint.

Pat Moran:

I had no idea who Pat Moran was until I got this card but I'm thankful that card companies (at least occasionally) put some different faces in their sets so that I can learn something.  I don't need two hundred different cards of Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle, getting guys like Moran is a nice thing once in awhile.  I'm also thankful for the retro card phase that hit the hobby about a decade or so ago - many of my favorite sets to this day have a retro vibe to them.

Todd Frazier:

I'm thankful the Reds still have one or two players worth watching (Votto being the other).  I'm not entirely convinced that Frazier will be a Red by the time the season starts (or even by the time you read this post), but I'm thankful for now!

And, of course, I'm thankful for generous bloggers such as Jeff who continue to produce great blog content (and great trades)!


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