Friday, November 06, 2015

Group Break: 2012 Panini Prizm - Packs 9 & 10 (The Episode in Which I Get Good News)

I'm happy today is Friday for sure - but I am even happier that my job situation is finally under control.  My good news comes in two parts.  The first is that the Provost of my college has approved a plan that a colleague and myself came up with to teach a mathematics course with a travel component in it for Spring 2017.  Our initial plan has us visiting Rome, Vatican City, and Greece while learning about the history of mathematics!  If we can manage to get enough students enrolled, I think I might have a new favorite class to (co)teach!

Not only that but now I have also received word that I will be teaching a pair of new courses for the spring semester of this year!  One of the courses is our "baby calculus" class (Applied Calculus) which should be a nice change of pace from the majors Calculus that I usually teach.  The other course is much more exciting though (to me at least) - I'll be teaching Graph Theory for the first time at my college.  And by first time, I mean that the course has never been offered at my college before!

Of course, two new courses means two new preps...and now that the calendar has flipped over to November (heck, a week is already gone from November), the pressure of getting those preps done is already starting to weigh on me.

That's good news for you all though because it is even more motivation for me to get this group break out the door!  Heck, I could really use the desk space for me "real" work!  In order to facilitate a cleaner desk, let's keep ripping from the Panini Prizm box.

Pack 9:

Don Mattingly - Yankees
Yu Darvish - Rangers

Ike Davis - Mets
Green parallel:  Jordan Pacheco - Rockies

I don't know anything about Pacheco.  I do know that that Darvish rookie would have been a pretty good pull back in 2012!

Pack 10:

Joey Votto - Reds
Paul Goldschmidt - Diamondbacks
Chase Utley - Phillies

Drew Pomeranz - Rockies

The Rockies land a pair of rookies in these two packs, that's something I guess!  The Utley card got the scan though because that seems to be about as much of an action shot as you are going to find in this set.

I shared my good news, now how about you share yours?  I think the start of a weekend is a great time to share happy things with people!


Play at the Plate said...

Baby's learn calculus? My brain is full. :)

Seriously that is all over my head. Congrats though!

arpsmith said...

Congrats on the good job news, that travel class sounds awesome!

Adam Kaningher said...

Not bad! A green parallel makes my Rockies haul quite a bit better in just one card.

Congratulations on the new career developments!

deal said...

Congrats! Great to hear of folks getting good news that combine their professional and outside interests. I am glad your hard work has been rewarded!

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