Monday, November 02, 2015

Group Break: 2015 Topps Stadium Club - Packs 11 & 12 (A Box Hit - Die-Cut Style!)

Another Monday is in the books!  Let's finish off the worst day of the week with another pair of packs out of the 2015 Stadium Club box.  See, Monday isn't so bad, right?

Pack 11:

Deion Sanders - Braves
Adam Eaton - White Sox
Jim Rice - Red Sox
Mike Mussina - Yankees
J.D. Martinez - Tigers
Freddie Freeman - Braves

Troy Tulowitzki - Rockies
Legends Die-Cut:  LDC-02.  Ty Cobb - Tigers

The Legends Die-Cut cards are seeded 1:16 packs (or one-per-box).  Thus, this is a box hit for the Tigers (and by extension Julie who claimed Detroit)!  A big congrats to her.  Of the base cards, I liked a bunch of them in this pack including the Deion and Tulo, but I went with a scan of Freddie Freeman as the best of the bunch.

Pack 12:

Seth Smith - Mariners

Gary Sheffield - Marlins
Christian Yelich - Marlins
Mike Trout - Angels
Paul Molitor - Brewers

Cliff Lee - Phillies
Max Scherzer - Nationals

Gold parallel:  Ryne Sandberg - Cubs

Wow, that was a great pack full of fun base cards (plus the golden Sandberg was nice)!  Good stuff all's so much fun to open up packs where you can actually get excited about the base cards!

I am loving 2015 Stadium much so that I'm very tempted to buy myself a box of the stuff...


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