Monday, November 02, 2015

Group Break: 2015 Topps Stadium Club - Packs 9 & 10 (Making Dreams Come True)

We started today off with some bonus packs but now it is time to return to the main event - more 2015 Topps Stadium Club packs.  Have I mentioned that I really, really like this set yet?  The crisp photos (many of which are interesting to look at) plus the decent card backs make for a pretty nice set.  I would prefer to have team logos on the front of the cards though...and maybe do away with some (or even all) of the silver foil.  A guy can dream I guess.

What are you dreaming that we'll hit in this box yet?  Let's find out if anyone's dreams are coming true.

Pack 9:

Jon Singleton - Astros
Ender Inciarte - Diamondbacks
Adam Dunn - Athletics

Kurt Suzuki - Twins
Daniel Norris - Blue Jays
Sonny Gray - Athletics
Andrelton Simmons - Braves

Gold parallel:  Daniel Norris - Blue Jays

What's that, two Daniel Norris cards in the same pack?  Yep, it's a Blue Jays hot pack!  If your dream was to get a pair of Norris cards in one pack, well, you are welcome.

Pack 10:

David Robertson - White Sox
Steve Pearce - Orioles
Whitey Ford - Yankees
Joe DiMaggio - Yankees

Orlando Cepeda - Cardinals
Eric Hosmer - Royals

Tanner Roark - Nationals
Black parallel:  Nick Swisher - Indians

The Indians get on the Stadium Club action with this nice black parallel.  We are supposed to get two black parallels per box (this is our second) so don't expect any more!  I like the image of Swisher a lot on that card as well...very nice!  Was your dream to see another black parallel?  If so, dream accomplished.

If your dream was something else, well, sorry but I probably didn't make it come true this time.  There are still a lot of packs (and boxes and blasters) to in the group break though so keep dreaming big!


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Love that Joe D. card!

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