Thursday, November 12, 2015

Group Break: Finishing Off Chrome in Style

After this post is complete we will have reached the end of the blaster portion of the group break.  I still have five packs of Topps Chipz to open, plus the 2014 Stadium Club box and the 2015 Tek box.  Then we are done!  I hope everyone has enjoyed the journey!  I've tried to keep a decent pace of packs being opened, scanned, and written about...though I always will take feedback for you all!

For now, let's finish off Chrome.

Pack 6:

Brandon Phillips - Reds
Paul Konerko - White Sox
Jake Peavy - White Sox
Refractor:  Jon Jay - Cardinals

I don't like the Cardinals any but I can admit that the Jay card is really nice.  Plus, it looks like he's taking away a hit from the Nationals which is ok by me.

Pack 7:

Eric Hosmer - Royals
Prince Fielder - Tigers
Carlos Santana - Indians

Aaron Hicks - Twins

And that concludes the Chrome blaster.  You'll notice that I didn't get real excited during the opening of either pack...that's because neither pack got me any closer to my own set.  Oh well, I guess I can't complain about getting 2 out of 10 cards that I needed.

There's still more group break goodies to come - stay tuned!  And here's the link to the video break of the Chrome blaster.


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