Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Group Break: Sorting M&Ms (Panini Cooperstown volume II)

When writing this post, I reached into my candy stash (Halloween leftovers) and grabbed a bag of M&Ms.  After dumping out the contents, I instantly sorted them by color without even thinking.  I'm curious if other card collectors do the same thing...are we hard-wired to sort things?

Speaking of sorting, here is another pair of packs of Panini Cooperstown...you know, cards for other people to sort (eventually)!

Pack 3:

Ed Delahanty - Athletics
Burleigh Grimes - Dodgers
Goose Goslin - Tigers
King Kelly - Cubs
High Praise:  4.  Yogi Berra - Yankees

I like the quote on the Berra card:  "Talking to Yogi Berra about baseball is like talking to Homer about the gods."  You don't get many baseball quotes these days that include references to Homer (the poet, no the back-back-back-back-back-gone homer).

Pack 4:

Joe Cronin - Red Sox
Johnny Mize - Giants
Willie Stargell - Pirates
Hank Greenberg - Tigers
Induction:  13.  Tom Seaver - Mets

A pair of nice inserts for the two New York teams.  I put Seaver in the Mets pile rather than my Reds' pile since Seaver is wearing the Mets hat in the Hall of Fame.

More packs yet to come.  Until then, keep sorting!


Ryan G said...

I really like Cooperstown. A lot of people knock the no-logo-ness of Panini's products but if you put that aside then they do put out a few good products each year - a quantity on par with Topps if you ask me.

But to answer your question, yes, I do sort my candy from time to time. As a kid, before baseball cards, I always sorted my MnMs and Skittles. Then I'd eat them so that I'd have equal numbers, and then one from each color until they were equal again, and so on. And even today I sometimes sort to spread them out evenly (red green orange blue red green orange blue red green orange blue...). A little bit of OCD showing itself through, perhaps...

JediJeff said...

I love Cooperstown. I was quite sad when they made it a high end product. And Panini killed Golden Age. So they basically ruin the only two decent products they had, and keep shit like Prizm.

I don't always sort my candy/fruit snacks/etc. It just depends the mood.

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