Friday, November 06, 2015

Stick 'em Up (Group Break Bonus Packs)

I managed to rip a bunch of packs this past weekend...but in my idiocy I somehow recorded them in some type of format that made each file in excess of 5 GB.  That takes much too long to upload to YouTube, so I had to track down some sort of free video converter from the interwebs.  After first converting to a different (much smaller) file type and then uploading to YouTube are you finally able to see the bonus packs ripped "live."

And all that work for a pack of 1989 Fleer.

And some 2012 Panini Triple Play packs.


I wish I could even say the video is fascinating but I'm willing to bet it isn't.  Even so, enjoy it!
And for those that want scans...well.

I think this sticker card is the best of the bunch.  The back of the card talks all about the Phillies so this is going in Philadelphia's group break stack.  Congrats!


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