Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs: A Predator of the Sea Hot Pack!

I'm writing this post a few days ahead of December 31, mostly because like most of you I'll probably not be around the computer a whole lot on New Year's Eve.  Furthermore, I fully expect there to be an onslaught of "New Year Resolution" type posts perhaps a post talking about dinosaurs will be appreciated by those who like a bit of variety.

And as for my resolutions?  To be honest, as of the time I am writing this post (Dec. 26) I haven't given them much thought.  Perhaps I'll figure out my own resolutions during the early part of January...or perhaps not?

For now, let's dig back into my 2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs box.  I've ripped through six packs so far, here come the next two.

Pack 07:
37.  Deinonychus
48.  Suchomimus
57.  Tropeognathus
73.  Herrerasaurus

Mini:  5.  Trodon

The image on the Trodon mini doesn't really show up all that well on the card - a small dino on a mini card means you get an itty bitty picture!  I also think the Herrerasaurus is one of the worst images that I've seen to date from the set.  Luckily, the rest of the cards are pretty nice - and I needed them all so I'm still satisfied.

Pack 08:
33.  Barosaurus

121.  Metriorhynchus

Sticker:  17  Edmontosaurus

Predators of the Sea:  POS-12.  Metriorhynchus

It's a Metriorhynchus hot pack!  The first Metriorhynchus card is one of the short printed base cards while the second is from the fairly rare Predators of the Sea insert set (seeded 1:40 hobby packs)!  I absolutely love the Predators of the Sea card - it's SUPER thick so that you get a layered look to the sort of looks like ol' Metriorhynchus is swimming right out of the card.  Pretty darn cool - and this pack definitely made up for the relatively boring previous pack!


defgav said...

Sweet Metriorhynchus!

Nachos Grande said...

Yeah, that card is awesome! It's enough to make me want a ton more of the dinosaur boxes!

Anonymous said...

Still loving these. I was hoping to find some packs of these in a retail store, but if they're going out to retail, they haven't made it to my neck of the woods.

I'm going to guess that Edmontosaurus was discovered somewhere around Edmonton...

Nachos Grande said...

I haven't seen any of these in retail either... If there are, I'd guess that Upper Deck would remove a lot of the cooler inserts (the Predator of the Sea cards are awesome and would be missed)!

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