Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Busting the Birthday Blaster: 2015 Topps Stadium Club (Part II)

Yesterday, I ripped the first half of the first (of two) 2015 Stadium Club birthday blasters.  Tonight, it's time to rip the second half of that first blaster.

Blaster 1:
Pack 5:
72.  Madison Bumgarner
202.  Stephen Strasburg
269.  Angel Pagan
277.  Oswaldo Arcia
Member's Only parallel:  27.  Carlos Santana

Woah!  The Member's Only parallels are an incredibly tough pull, especially in retail blasters!  According to the pack wrapper, they are seeded 1 in 512 packs!!  I would have liked to see something more than just a stamp to indicate the rarity of the card, but even so, getting something that rare is always fun (and unexpected) out of a blaster!

Pack 6:
119.  Pedro Alvarez
153.  Mark McGwire
181.  Alcides Escobar
190.  Stan Musial

Luminous:  T-6C.  Anthony Rendon

The Luminous cards are also fairly rare in retail (1:32 packs).  I like the Triumvirate insert set a lot though Topps has yet to put any Reds in their Triumvirate set so for the most part I've never actually tried to collect the full set.  I also like the Stan Musial base card quite a bit - notice the Stan the Man banner behind Musial!  What a great photo!

Pack 7:
36.  Frank Robinson

96.  Jonathan Papelbon
186.  Lou Gehrig
289.  Danny Santana
293.  Trevor May

This is the first time that I've seen that Frank Robinson card - and it's awesome!  I don't know the story behind the newspaper headline though, do you?

Pack 8:
14.  Mark Teixeira

80.  Andrew Heaney
174.  George Springer

224.  Kendall Graveman
Contact Sheet:  CS-21.  Joey Votto

Wooo!  We end this amazing blaster with an insert of the Reds' first baseman.  I don't think I could have hand picked a much better blaster (at least one without an autograph).  I've got a second blaster ready to bust as well but for now I need to stop typing (and ripping packs) and start scanning cards!

I do think I'll be chasing the full 2015 Topps Stadium Club if you have any base cards for trade, let me know!  Hopefully by the time this post goes live I'll have a better handle on which cards I actually need.


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