Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Cards! (Prehistoric Edition)

First, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday (or, for those that don't celebrate the day, hopefully you had a nice Friday and Saturday)!  Anyhow, I do celebrate Christmas and this year was one of the best yet - especially in regards to blog-related gifts!

First, I ended up receiving a number of holiday packages from generous bloggers - I will be sure to show them all off in due time!  Seriously though, the blogosphere is pretty much the best - a bunch of otherwise strangers taking the time to send thoughtful gifts to other strangers.  Pretty wonderful if you ask me - and if the world had more people like those that I correspond with, well, the world would be a much better place!

I also lucked out with my family - a number of baseball card boxes plus a brad new big LEGO set.  But again, all of that will have to wait because there was one other box of cards that I got that I can't wait to crack into.

And no, it's not a baseball box.  Heck, it's not even a sports box.  Instead, it is an Upper Deck Dinosaurs box.

I actually saw these on someone else's blog a ways back (apologies for not remembering where) and I added it to my virtual wish list.  Credit to my wife for remembering me mentioning the box...and for buying me a box for Christmas!

Obviously she's pretty awesome!  And now, it's time to find out how awesome this Dinosaurs box is!

Each pack of Dinosaur cards comes with 5 cards - and the box as a whole contains 20 such packs.  The "hits" in the box consist of sketch cards, fossil cards, and ROAR audio cards.  Personally, I'm just hoping for a bunch of cool dino cards!

Now, without any more delay, let's crack open a pack or two!

Pack 01:
16.  Sauroposeidon
65.  Monolophosaurus
71.  Camarasaurus
109.  Elasmosaurus

Sticker:  S-19.  Quetzalcoatlus

Each box of Dinosaur cards contains a number of inserts including sticker cards which are seeded 1:4 packs.  My first sticker of the box is of Quetzalcoatlus - and it's awesome!  The back of the sticker has what appears to be some sort of larger puzzle but for my money it's the background of the sticker itself which makes this a great looking card!  The little cave drawings are perfect - and Quetzalcoatlus is a pretty cool looking critter!

For the first pack, I'm going to say that it was a success!  However, I'm not stopping with only one pack today...

Pack 02:
27.  Giraffatitan
63.  Plateosaurus

Canvas mini:  46.  Dimorphodon

3-D Dinosaurs:  15.  Mussaurus

The Canvas minis are the same size as the typical Allen & Ginter mini card which means they will fit snugly in the 15 pocket pages (which I appreciate)!  The minis aren't terribly rare (1:2 packs) which is also nice since the canvas finish makes the minis feel pretty cool!

This pack also contained a second insert, one of the 3-D Dinosaurs cards, which are seeded 1:5 packs.  I'd say that was a pretty strong second pack!

So, after two packs I should say this:  I thought I knew quite a bit about dinosaurs...and yet I have only heard of a small fraction of the dinosaurs that I've received in the box so far!  The 3-D cards are done quite well - and I'm betting having the full set would look pretty sweet in a binder!  Overall, I'm pleased and I can't wait to crack the rest of the packs (which I will do soon)!  I'll also have to post a lot of my other Christmas loot including some really nice gifts from fellow bloggers!  Stay tuned for so much good stuff - all of the sudden I have a ton of blogging fodder!


Anonymous said...

Those look amazing, and I can't help but think that these will be a success for UD... If they get into some retail outlets. I think back to when I was a kid and how many times I went through my book on dinosaurs (with nice illustrations similar to these) and if those illustrations were on *cards*...well...

And 3-D dinosaur cards? I think my head would've split open from smiling too wide.

Nachos Grande said...

They are a blast to open! The only downside is a hobby box is about $100. Pretty steep price...and yet I so do want a second box already!

RAZ said...

The cards do carry a pretty steep price, but they sure are cool. I loved reading dinosaur books as a kid. I bought into the Monsterwax Dinosaur Galaxy trading card Kickstarter. They just announced that the insert cards are at the printer, so hopefully I'll have a couple boxes of dinosaur cards to open in the near future. Until then I'll live vicariously through your box break here.

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