Monday, December 14, 2015

Delivery Time! 2 by 3 Heroes is Pretty Darn Great.

The baseball card blogging community is full of great people (and a few duds but we won't dwell on that today).  However, out of all the great people there are a few people who rise up into a higher category, we call them the greaters.

No, we don't call them that.

What we can call one of those extra great person is Jeff - he of the 2 by 3 Heroes blog.  Jeff is well known throughout the blogging land as an expert sender of plain white envelopes tailored to a particular collector's whims and interests.

As one of the lucky recipients of Jeff's generosity, I ended up with a PWE chock full of awesome Reds' cards.  How awesome?

Well, how often do you get a beautiful framed Allen & Ginter relic in a PWE?

How about an autograph?

Still not convinced?  Well, Jeff also sent along a number of other great Reds.

From the modern Reds, I got a nice Bowman card of Todd Frazier.

And yes, it did pain me to write both "nice" and "Bowman" in the same sentence.  It simply felt wrong.

I also got a gold parallel of a guy named Tucker.  You don't get that in the mail everyday!

Finally, going a bit more old school.  O-Pee-Chee back when it was actually French.

And one of the Reds' relievers from the only year in which the team was truly good (1990) in my lifetime.

Many thanks for all the great cards Jeff!


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