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The Great Reorganization: Step 13: To Collect or Not (2007 Edition)

My ongoing reorganization of my collection has definitely been a long, drawn out process.  However, despite the slow pace I am still making tiny spurts of progress.  For instance, the other day* I went through my stack of 2007 baseball cards and made some difficult choices about which sets I'd try to chase and which sets I'm going to officially give up on!

*I actually started writing this post back in July of 2015...it's taken that long for me to actually get through the entire stack of 2007 cards (and make the appropriate decisions).

Before I get to the sets, I should note that 2007 was the my first full year "back" in the hobby - so some of these sets hold a special place in my heart for that reason alone.  In fact, the set that brought me back to the hobby was the 2007 Topps Heritage set.  I collected the crap out of that set - I have the entire base set (including short prints), all the yellow name variation cards, all the yellow team name variations, and the entire Heritage Chrome set!  I even managed to acquire the entire felt team emblems set which was the box topper set that year.

Somehow though, I didn't manage to finish off all the insert sets.  I think what happened is that I had acquired the cards I needed and then (stupidly) traded them away because I wasn't totally organized (hence the need for this reorganization).  Luckily for me, my needs are fairly minor.  I need one more card from the Baseball Flashbacks set and one more from the Then & Now set (here's the full list of my needs).

So, it was an easy choice to say that I am keeping the 2007 Heritage set!

Next, another easy choice - 2007 Topps Allen & Ginter.

2007 was the first year that I bought any Allen & Ginter - and I pretty much collected just the base set and called it good.  The only insert set that I completed was the Dick Perez sketch cards from that year.  I do own the one box topper from the long hobby box that I purchased - and for some reason I hung onto a single relic (Eric Gagne as a Ranger).  I also own a single mini card from 2007 - a Flags of All Nations card of Kenya.

Since I'm such a nut for Allen & Ginter, I have decided to add the various mini sets to my want list.  Will I ever actually complete any of them?  Who knows, but as a Ginter fan I have to try!

So that's the easy part - two sets looked at and two for sure keeper sets!  In fact, I even added to my want list thanks to Allen & Ginter.  You might say I'm doing a not-so-good job of whittling down my collecting wants so far - so let's see if we can't make some cuts with the rest of the 2007 offerings!

2007 Fleer Ultra:

I have made it quite clear over the years that I generally enjoy the Fleer Ultra line of baseball cards.  However, in the case of 2007 I already have two sets that I'm working on (Heritage and Ginter) and so I can't collect everything.  In the end, I seem to have very little in the way of fond memories of the 2007 Ultra set - and so it is the first set that I bought a bunch of back in the day to get the ax.

2007 Bowman:

No big surprise here that Bowman was an easy set to ignore.  In fact, I only had the one card you see above in my stack of 2007 cards.  Where it came from...well, I have no idea but into the unwanted pile it goes!

2007 Upper Deck:

I actually bought a fair bit of the '07 Upper Deck set back in the day.  I have no idea why though because it is a butt ugly set.  Another easy set to let go.

2007 Topps:

My brother actually bought me a complete set of 2007 Topps which I still have in its original box.  As such, the extra cards from this set are no longer needed.  I do like the Mauer card that I scanned - the '07 Topps set isn't too bad actually (probably why I was happy to get the complete set as a gift)!

2007 Fleer:

Another flagship set, but unfortunately for Fleer, I have no interesting in trying for this set.  In fact, the odd sized minis in this set are a major turn-off (as is the card stock).

It certainly feels good to start to clean up some stuff - and now there are only three more sets remaining from 2007 that have a chance to stick around in my collection.  They are:
  • Goudey
  • Turkey Red
  • Topps '52
Let's take a look at each in order and try to make a good decision.

2007 Goudey:

The '07 Goudey set is a weird set in that the cards are all small (almost square) in size.  In addition, the set is chock full of short prints (the final 88 cards from the 288 card set are all short printed to various degrees).  I hate short prints...especially that many of them in an otherwise rather small set!  Quite honestly, the sheer number of short prints is almost enough for me to rule this set out without even trying to figure out just how close I am to completing it already.

Looking through my binder of this set, I see I only own 10 of the short prints...that makes this an easy call.  No thanks to trying to actively collect the set!

2007 Topps Turkey Red:

I really, really wanted to collect at least one of Goudey, Turkey Red, or Topps Rookies '52.  However, the huge number of short prints in Goudey scared me off of that set...and I'm afraid to say that the same thing is going to happen with 2007 Turkey Red as well.  You see, this is a 200 card set with 50 short prints (36 of the 186 base cards are short print and then there are an additional 14 ad back short print variations for a total base set size of 200).  That's just stupid.

As luck would have it (or not), I own very few of the short prints so I'm going to have to throw in the towel on Turkey Red as well.

One set left to check out...

2007 Topps Rookies'52:

The Topps '52 set was another retro set from 2007 that I liked a lot at the time.  In fact, I think I bought more of this set than pretty much any other 2007 set (except for Ginter and Heritage of course).  I actually really, really like this set - even to this day.  However, between the short prints and the fact that boxes of the product are still pretty expensive today, I think this is one of the hardest cuts that I have to make from the year 2007!
Pretty chrome parallel!
Since there might be some people interested in trading for cards from this set, I made a list of all the 2007 Topps '52 cards that I have available for trade.

That does it for 2007.  My Great Reorganization is definitely a slow-moving process...but happily for me the process is still moving - that's the key!


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