Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Lost Trade Box: (from Raz Card Blog)

Last August, or more accurately, two Augusts ago (you know 2014 August) I completed a trade with Chris over at the Raz Card Blog.  I sent my portion of the trade.  He sent his portion.  Both packages arrived safely.  All was good.

I even took the time to update my want list and deleted all the cards that I no longer needed thanks to the trade.  Still all was good.

Then I moved houses.

And somehow I never actually wrote a blog post about the box of cards that Chris sent me.  Which meant I never actually sorted the cards.  Which meant my binders still had a lot of empty spots in them where there shouldn't actually be any empty slots.

And so it goes.

Flash forward to about a week or so ago, I'm sorting my 2014 cards.  As part of my Great Reorganization, I actually take all the binders for the given year off of my bookshelf and go through each one page by page, cross-checking with my want list to make sure my lists are totally up-to-date.

You can imagine my surprise when I realized that I seemed to be missing a TON of cards from 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter.  Cards I could have sworn I had acquired somehow.

And yet, the cards I was sure I had were no where to be found.  Was I losing my mind?  After all, it is the end of the semester so I know my brain is pretty tired from a semester of teaching, grading, and dealing with higher education politics.

No, I was sure I had them.

And then, a couple of days ago.  Completely by accident.  I found it.

The small box.  Full of cards.  Full of Allen & Ginter cards.  From 2014.  From Chris.

And the world was good again!


It's episodes like that that make me glad I'm doing a full overhaul of my collection (even if I am painfully slow in terms of making progress).  It's also great traders like Chris that even make it possible for me to ever complete a set (even if takes me a year or more to actually scan cards and put 'em in a binder)!

Since this box of cards has sat around for so long that 2015 A&G has already fallen out of favor (never mind 2014 A&G), I'll be brief with the scans (all the pictures in this post are from the trade package)...but don't let my forgetful mind fool you - I'm very much appreciate for the great box of cards...and now my 2014 Allen & Ginter want list is actually correct.

Trust me, I verified it.


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