Thursday, December 24, 2015

What Hath the Mailman Brought? (eBay Adventures and Some Trade Bait!)

Over the past few weeks I have been on a Barry Larkin collection kick.  I spent a bunch of cash on 2015 Topps High Tek Larkin cards (too much money probably) and then I added to my collection with a few more Barry Larkin cards from a variety of years and manufacturers.  The first of the two "random" assortment of Larkins arrived in my mailbox the other day so let's take a look.

This particular purchase was actually two different eBay auctions from the same seller.  Both of the auctions had a Barry Larkin card that I needed plus some non-Larkin cards that I didn't need/want which means I have some trade bait available!

First up, some 1998 Score Showcase Series parallels.

The Kevin Brown and Dave Justice cards are available for trade should anyone want either for some reason.  Otherwise, you'll probably see them in a future Trade Stack!  As for the Larkin card, I already owned the base card from the set but I needed the parallel.

And yes, it's a curse of a player collector to actually have to type things like "I needed that Score parallel."  *sigh*

Moving on, how about some crazy Pacific cards?

I actually love most Pacific sets...but I have to admit that this particular set is probably best forgotten.  Still, it's a new Larkin for me (and a new Larry Walker for anyone interested)!

That's it for this eBay adventure.  I have one more envelope that has many more Larkin cards in it that I plan to show off soon as well.  For now, Merry Christmas - and if you want any of the non-Larkins in this post, let me know!


Anonymous said...

YOW! Those Pacific Omega cards are... really... something. I'm guessing they don't look any better in person.

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