Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2015 Topps Stadium Club: The First Autograph of the Box!

Although you won't be able to read this post until January 20th (assuming Blogger's scheduler works), I'm actually ripping these packs on December 30.  You didn't think my self-control when it comes to unopened wax was that good, did you?!

Pack 11:
104.  Billy Hamilton

A pretty nice diving shot of the Reds' speedy outfielder.  It's a shame that Hamilton can't hit worth a lick though, he's fun to watch in the rare instances when he actually gets on base.
147.  Henderson Alvarez
160. Elvis Andrus
230.  Billy Butler
254.  Evan Longoria
267.  Corey Kluber
294.  Wil Myers
Gold Foil parallel:  134.  Mitch Moreland

Yep, another Gold Foil parallel - that is our sixth from the box!

Pack 12:
9.  Rick Porcello
100.  Alex Cobb
131.  Phil Hughes
174.  George Springer

Such a pretty photo, love it!
191.  Joe Panik
286.  Tyson Ross
Black & White parallel:  15.  Adrian Beltre

The Black & White parallels are seeded 1:46 packs which makes them a fairly tough pull.  This one is available for trade though as I'm neither collecting the Black & White parallels nor am I collecting Rangers cards.
Autograph:  SCA-JC.  Jarred Cosart

I'll be honest, I couldn' help but be disappointed by this card.  First, it's a guy that I've barely heard of.  Second, it's a freaking Marlin.  I pull more Marlin autographs than anyone...and all of them just sit around collecting dust because no one collects Marlins cards.  Ugh.  I almost think another base card that I need for my set would have been preferable to this so-called autograph (and for a no-name guy like Cosart, you'd think he could have at least spent a bit of time signing his name nicely).  

Well, that concludes 12 of the 16 packs.  There should be one more autograph remaining in the box but I'm not holding out hope it'll be anything spectacular.  I'm more interested to see how close I get to completing the full base set (you can find all my set needs here).


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