Thursday, January 14, 2016

2015 Topps Stadium Club: Show Your True Colors

I've ripped four of the sixteen packs in my 2015 Topps Stadium Club box that my wife bought me for Christmas.  To date, I've landed three gold foil parallels plus an insert but no autographs.  Will that change today?  I have no idea, so let's find out together, shall we?

Pack 05:
17.  Jacoby Ellsbury
112.  Paul Konerko
166.  Ian Kinsler
184.  David Ortiz

I think I've seen this card on a number of different blogs but I'm showing it off again since it's worthy of another look.
206.  Julio Teheran
221.  Nick Castallenos
272.  Alexander Guerrero
True Colors:  TCA-BH.  Bryce Harper

The True Colors inserts are a box hit - 1:16 packs to be precise.  From what I can tell, this is one of the regular base (non-refractor) cards.  Any Harper fans out there interested in working out a trade?

Pack 06:
63.  Matt Adams
85.  Joey Votto

As of the time I am writing this post, Votto is one of the last remaining decent players on the Reds' team.  Baseball most likely won't be worth watching in the Queen City this year.
107.  Ron Gant
162.  Craig Kimbrel
194.  Carlos Gomez
220.  Jake Peavy
297.  Wade Davis
Legends Die-Cut:  LDC-01.  Babe Ruth

You knew I'd have to pull a Babe Ruth card eventually.  The Legends Die-Cut cards are another box hit (1:16 packs) so I don't anticipate getting another one from this box.  It's a decent card but I simply have Ruth-fatigue.

I liked the Votto base card a lot - and the True Colors insert is pretty cool looking too.  A nice couple of packs, though still no autographs!


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