Monday, January 04, 2016

2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs: A Saber Toothed Super Short Print!

I hope everyone has enjoyed a good start to 2016!  My start of 2016 (at least in terms of the blog) has been prehistorically good.

Ok, that was a terrible play on words - but seriously, I've spent the past few days ripping through one of my Christmas presents - a box of 2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs.  I've had a blast so far - and with only a few packs remaining, I'm hoping to eke out a bit more fun before the box is complete!

Pack 13:
6.  Stegosaurus
23.  Keratocephalus
24.  Gigantoraptor
83.  Pinacosaurus

Mini:27.  Giraffatitan

Pretty much any dino fan will recognize the Stegosaurus.  I'm happy to have that card in my collection now!

Pack 14:
30.  Pachycephalosaurus
52.  Lambeosaurus
74.  Gastonia
95.  Sauropelta

135.  Saber-Toothed Squirrel

The Saber-Toothed Squirrel is another one of the High Series Super Short Prints - a nice Ice Aged creature (and a star of the movie series Ice Age)!  It amuses me to see the big "dinosaurs" logo on the front of the card with the word "squirrel" underneath it.  Not every card in the set is actually of a dinosaur!

The super short print was a nice pull but otherwise this was a sort of lackluster beginning to a new work week.  That's ok though, there are still six more packs remaining in the box (one of which should hold our sketch card) so there's still something to look forward to as the week progresses!


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