Saturday, January 23, 2016

Barry Larkin Collection 422: 1994 Fleer - #17 - Team Leaders Insert

Barry Larkin
Year:  1994
Brand:  Fleer
Insert set:  Team Leaders
Card number:  17

The 1994 Fleer set is most definitely underrated, though I don't think you can tell that by this particular insert card.  Seriously though, if you haven't checked out 1994 Fleer base set you should - it's pretty great in its understated simplicity.  While the base set is great, you can safely avoid the Team Leaders insert set (unless you are a player collector like me).  Speaking of player collectors, this is the third and final different Barry Larkin card from the 1994 Fleer set (the other being this All-Star insert card).

As I said, the Team Leaders insert set isn't the best set in the world.  In Barry's case, that's a kind of creepy, distant look in his eyes for the main photo and a much-too-small action shot over top of that.  Top it off with too much gold foil and you've got a fairly ugly front of a card.  The back of the card isn't so bad except again the image choice isn't great - Larkin appears to be fouling out in this picture.   And the final straw?  My card is pretty badly off-center.


P-town Tom said...

'94 Fleer was the last set I built from scratch before I re-entered the hobby a handful of years ago. Great base set and I love all the inserts.

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