Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Delivery Time! Everyone's Favorite Owl Sends Cards!

Anyone who has even accidentally stumbled across our corner of the internet probably knows about Greg from Night Owl Cards.  Greg is easily one of the best writers out there - and he's also one of the best traders out there!  In fact, by my count the package that Greg sent me was our 68th envelope that has been sent by one of us since 2009.

The great thing about trading with Greg is that we complete trades of all sizes and shapes - and we now basically have an ongoing "send stuff when find something for the other person" mentality which makes trading even more fun (no more pesky emails back and forth)!

In fact, the only bad thing about trading with Greg is that he always writes better "look what cards came in the mail" posts than I ever could!  Greg is a master at coming up with some sort of theme in order to tie together the cards he receives in a package - and frankly, I don't know he does it most of the time.

Just for fun, let's try using Greg's own tricks against him as we navigate our way through the cards that he sent me recently.  First up, a sparkly diamond parallel from 2011.

Back in 2011, I was smitten by the diamond sparkly parallels.  I thought they were pretty cool, and a rather unique idea.  Of course, Topps killed that by beating the proverbial horse to death by having ruby parallels, gold parallels, green parallels, pee colored parallels, you name it in the time since.  Even so, once I start something I'm pretty stubborn so I'm still working on the diamond set!

That's not a lot to work on in terms of a theme, so let's keep going through the package.

Next, we find a pair of 2001 Topps Stadium Club cards.

I actually got a brand new box of 2001 Topps Stadium Club for Christmas this year from my sister-in-law (a pleasant surprise for sure)!  Unfortunately, I've yet to crack it open so landing a couple of cards from that set before opening the box is much appreciated.  I did notice that both of these were Dodgers, so perhaps Greg's received a bunch of extras and happened to take the time to go through all his duplicates to find a few I needed.  Or, perhaps the Dodgers are just coincidence.

We can solve that little mystery with our next card:

Another Dodger, this time a short print from 2009 Upper Deck Goudey.  The Goudey set is another headache of a set that I'm still trying to collect.  However, just when I think I should give up on it someone sends me a card out of the blue from the set.  I think this surprise card is enough to keep Goudey on my want list for at least another six months!

Well, even going through those cards I don't have much in the way of the theme besides the "cards from my want list."  But if I pick that as my theme, how can I tie in some of these random Reds that Greg threw in?

Many thanks for all the great cards, Greg!  I appreciate them all - even if I'm thematically lame when writing my post.  Who knows, maybe by the time we send our 168th package back and forth I'll have this whole "blogging" thing down.


night owl said...

68 packages??! Whoa. I need to find a hobby.

Jeff Jones said...

I'm sure once you get that diamond set in a binder it will all be worth it. 68 packages, I think us bloggers are keeping USPS afloat

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