Friday, January 29, 2016

Prehistoric Monsters from eBay!

If you were reading my blog around Christmastime last year, you would know that my wife bought me a box of 2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs as a gift.  You would also know that I loved the box a lot - so I went out and bought myself a second box a few weeks later with the hope of completing my base set (plus ideally getting a bunch of new inserts).  While that plan didn't quite work out, I still have hopes of actually completing my set!

I also was hoping to get a cool insert featuring my favorite dinosaur (at least my favorite when I was a kid):  Ankylosaurus.  Since I didn't luck out in my own box, I turned to eBay one day and found a lot that featured an Ankylosaurus patch card (plus three other cards).  The ending price was pretty good, especially since two of the other cards that I got seem to command a decent premium on eBay on their own.  I'll get to those in a moment, but first - the reason I bought the lot:

Admittedly, that isn't the best looking of the patch cards but it was the one I wanted the most!  The lot also came with a second patch card - mosasaurus.

Unfortunately for me, that was one of the two patch cards that I already owned...seriously, what are the odds?!  If anyone is interested, the Mosasaurus is available for trade...otherwise it'll probably end up back on eBay.

As I said, the lot had four cards in total with the final two being from the spectacular Predators of the Sea insert set.  I was ecstatic to land a pair of new cards for my collection!  The first was Sea Scorpion.

According to the back of the card, Sea Scorpions could get very big - one version (Jaekelopterus) could reach eight feet long!  I don't think I'd ever want to see an eight foot sea scorpion heading my way...that's more intimidating than a shark in my book!

However intimidating a sea scorpion might be, I don't think it holds a candle to the second creature:

That's Liopleurodon, a creature with 20-centimeter teeth and, perhaps, a "sense of smell" that helped the giant monster hunt prey.  I love the look of the fish swimming out of the way of the big guy, a wonderful card for sure!

That does it for this eBay lot, but I'd say I did quite well.  Now, if only I could finish off the so-called easier parts of the set!


Billy Kingsley said...

I probably have nothing you are looking for but I'll make a run at the duplicate.

The Sea Scorpion is awesome. I see a resemblance to a trilobite...I wonder if they were related?

I remember as a little kid having rubber erasers shaped like the ankylosaurus, in neon colors. I remember green, yellow and red...these surely came from the Oriental Trading Co. which supplied my school store (which my mom ran in those days). I have not thought about them in ages. I have not seen them in as long a time. I still have some of the little Jeeps in the same style/material although they've gotten kind of sticky now.

RAZ said...

Ankylosaurus is one of my favorites, too. Nice cards!

Corky said...

This has to be one of my favorite non-sports products of last year. You got some very cool cards and I love the Liopleurodon.

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