Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Delivery Time! I've Been #Bombed!

I'm still working on clearing off my desk from a bunch of January packages - and one of those packages is from Wes (aka JayBarkerFan)...and you know what that means - it's a JBF bombing!

Now, to be fair to myself, I'm actually writing this card post while watching the Panthers and Cardinals square off in the NFC title game.  I won't know how the game ends while I'm writing this post, but I will say at 17-7 (and Panthers currently in the red zone again) I'm going to guess that it's the Panthers in the Super Bowl.

Back to baseball though, this JBF bombing was one of the best kinds - full of mostly Barry Larkin cards.  How many?  Here's a sneak peek!

Now, I at least know about most of those cards, but there was one Larkin in there that stumped me.

  What is this card?  Seriously, I need some help determining what set it belongs to.

There are no markings on it and the back of the "card" is a blank white back.  I say card in quotations because the card stock is very thin, it feels like a sticker (but I'm not about to try and peel it)!  Any help is appreciated.

Speaking of help, JBF also helped my very modest Larkin relic collection grow with a patriotic "Born in the USA" relic of my favorite player!

You can't beat that for a great mail day - and although it took me awhile to get the post on my blog I most definitely appreciated the generosity!

PS:  The Panthers just scored another touchdown in the time it took me to write this post.  Sheesh, this game isn't interesting at all.


Joe Frecker said...

Wow, that is a stumper! The only clue I have is 1996. I saw something on line for sale but it was made of metal, had a back side, and was 1 out of a set of 6. Never to be seen again. I love the mystery. Good luck. I will look forward to a full history post...someday.

RAZ said...

The Google says they might be unused stickers or promos from the 1996 Topps Finest Bronze set. I guess the set was made by attaching a sticker to a metal plate and clear-coating over it, but a certain number of the stickers were never attached to the plates and were either given out as convention promos or back-doored into the hobby.

RAZ said...

Going back to Google, it looks like there was maybe only a 1995 set that actually made it to release. http://www.beckett.com/forums/thread-1501445.html It looks like maybe the 1996 cards may have been started on but never finished?

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