Monday, February 08, 2016

Group Break in Review: Box #2 Highlights (Vintage Stock parallel, Another Short Print, and a No-Hitter Pin Relic Card)!

It's time to delve into box #2 of the group break.  Unlike with Box #1, I won't be showing any of the more common inserts (First Pitch, Wrigley, Berger's, Back to Back, Service, or Perspectives).  I will, however, show off all the other cool stuff and box #2 did indeed provide some pretty nice cards.

We begin with the two buyback cards.

Once again, we pulled a common (black stamp) but this box also produced a rare blue stamp buyback.  Congrats to the Cardinals for landing the rare Folkers card!

Turning our attention to the plethora of parallels, we start with the rainbow foils.

It's hard to complain about a Chris Sale parallel - and I like the Osuna quite a bit as well.  Good stuff.

Next, our "box hit" Wacky Packages sticker.

This one goes out to the Giants - nothing like a can of magic beans.  I'm not sure I'm so sold on the Wacky Packages stickers...they are supposed to be released in March 2016 so maybe I'll withhold judgment until I see someone else open up a bunch of packs.

We found a lot of gold in box #2 - gold parallels that is.  In total, we landed four:

Another good selection of names - plus the Astros' team gold parallel is really nice if you ask me.  All the gold parallels are numbered out of 2016 on the reverse side.

We didn't find any black parallels in this box but we did one better - a Vintage Stock parallel!

The Vintage Stock parallels are seeded 1:54 jumbo packs which means this is practically a case hit!  I happen to love the Vintage Stock parallels - and if Topps were to have made the entire base set using the vintage stock I think they would have had a tremendous hit on their hands!  As it is, only the Padres get to go home with the sweet feel of vintage cardboard...complete with the old school Topps logo!

I like the Vintage Stock parallel a lot but other people might be more interested in our next treasure - another one of the camo short prints.

That's Jhonny Peralta rocking the camo Cardinals' jersey - and remember that the camo short prints are seeded 1:25 jumbo packs.  With those odds, there is still a chance that we will find a third such short print in our case (but to find out you'll have to either wait for me to scan the contents of the remaining four boxes or go back and watch the video that I posted a couple of days ago)!

All of those goodies and we still haven't even seen the hits.  Let's fix that now.  First, the autograph:

I don't think that Josh Harrison is the biggest name on the checklist but I was happy to see the Pirates get on the board with this sticker auto.  No real complaints from me - and the color combination on that card is gorgeous.  Just sayin'.

Our relic was another white bit of cloth, and this one is going out to St. Louis (the Cardinals did quite well with this box)!

Like the Harrison auto, Matt Adams isn't the biggest possible pull we could have gotten but it is still a solid card.

Finally, our manurelic is another pin - this time a Commemorative No-Hitter pin.

These are seeded 1:43 jumbo packs making them quite rare!

And with that, box #2 is complete!  I'm still in the process of sorting out cards but they should all be packed up and in the mail before too long.  We still have another four boxes for me to scan and show I have some bonus packs that I'll be adding to the group break as promised (I'll probably do a video for that at some point as well).

Plenty more to come - but I'd say we are doing quite well so far!  In fact, according to my sheet where I keep track of teams and what they pull, almost every team is on the board so to speak in terms of inserts.  At the moment, only the Diamondbacks, Athletics, and Nationals are without any type of insert, parallel, short print, or hit.  Of course, we still have four more boxes so there is plenty of time for that to change!


madding said...

Huge box for me!

I'd have to see one in person to confirm, but I'm pretty sure I'd actually collect this set if the cards were all "vintage stock". In any case, I'm going to wish that those parallels were a lot more common.

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