Wednesday, March 16, 2016

2001 Topps Stadium Club: An Actual Dirt "Relic" (Not a Redemption this Time!)

I was bummed out when I pulled what I thought was my one-per-box promised hit and it ended up being a 15-year old redemption card.  I figured I had no luck and that I might as well write off getting any of the unique dirt relic cards.

As you can probably tell from the post title today, I was wrong (happily)!  Read on.

Pack 10:
6.  Mike Hampton
18.  Troy Glaus
26.  Eric Karros - Needed it!

I'm finding it interesting to pay attention to what teams are represented by the cards that I still need from the set.  I feel like Dodger cards get mailed off to the (roughly) 32930937409273092730927309139 different Dodger bloggers out there so it's no surprise that I still needed Mr. Karros for my set!
57.  Robin Ventura
62.  Doug Glanville
76.  Mariano Rivera - Needed it!

Another card for my set - and another team that has a lot of collectors (though I haven't actually done nearly as much trading with Yankee fans lately).
98.  Fred McGriff - Needed it!

Ok, my whole theory falls apart here.  I don't think there is a single Rays fan out there.  And I know there can't be enough Rays fans out there for this card to have been this elusive for this long*.

*I had an English professor once who would take off 5 points from your paper every time you used the word "this" (along with a host of other words).  To this day, I can't type the word "this" without feeling like I'm going to lose points.  

122.  Juan Gonzalez
126.  Mike Sweeney
130.  Matt Williams
136.  Joe Randa
149.  Pedro Martinez
156.  Sean Burnett
162.  Matt Wheatland - Needed it!

Cool - this pack has been MUCH better than the previous pack!
177.  Bobby Bradley
178.  Jason Hart
Play at the Plate Dirt Relic:  PP7.  Barry Bonds

The card has a protective wax paper-like covering on it right now (that's how it came out of the pack).  I couldn't bring myself to remove the cover quiet yet...but I have to say that this is a pretty cool card. It's hard to read, but the card says the first is "authentic game-used batter's box dirt."  I feel bad for the poor guy who had to dig up shovel fulls of dirt for baseball cards!

I feel much better about this pack for so many reasons.  Actually, this pack probably saved the box as well (in terms of hits at least).  This box would have been a BEAST back in 2001 - two dirt relics in the same box, pretty cool (they are seeded 1;10 packs so it's not out of the question to get two relics).


defgav said...

Congrats on the Bonds dirt. I need to pick up a card like that someday for my "Ridic Relics" minicollection.

And while the Rays don't have many collectors out there, seems there are a few of us McGriff player collectors, at least.

arpsmith said...

If you ever decide to move the Bonds dirt card, let this Giants fan know. It has been fun following this box break, there is some great photography.

Adam Kaningher said...

When I was in line for Joe Girardi's autograph, the guys in front of me were talking about bringing a little film canister for a player to fill with dirt from the diamond rather than having them sign a card or a piece of apparel or something. That was 1994, so just a year or two before relics actually became a thing. But I had no idea that dirt relics were out there.

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