Monday, March 07, 2016

2001 Topps Stadium Club: Pack 4 - A Pedro Pearl!

Happy Monday!  For me, this is a glorious Monday because it's officially spring break for me all week.  Believe me, I needed this week to catch up on everything - grading, lessons, and yes, baseball cards!  For today's post, I have yet another pack out of my 2001 Topps Stadium Club box.  This is pack #4 from the box.

Pack 4:
5.  Randy Johnson - Needed it!

We begin pack 4 with a card that I need for my set - sweetness!  
27.  Alex Gonzalez
55.  Cal Ripken - Needed it!

I'm certainly landing some big names that I needed out of this pack - and that Ripken card is really, really cool!
69.  Craig Biggio
71.  Brad Radke
86.  Luis Matos
87.  Adrian Beltre
114.  Gregg Jeffries
155.  Phil Dumatrait
158.  Adam Wainwright
163.  Bryan Digby
165.  Grady Sizemore
171.  Corey Patterson
173.  Ben Petrick
175.  Barry Zito
190.  Joel Piniero - Needed it!

There was a pretty big drought in this pack...but thanks to the Piniero to close things out, I hit my target of three new cards for my set out of the pack.  I'll take it and consider this pack to be a success.
Diamond Pearls:  DP12.  Pedro Martinez

As always, the Diamond Pearls card was stuck to another card - luckily (for me) this time it was Rafael Furcal (#94) which was NOT a card that I needed for my set.  That makes getting a ruined card much less painful.

I still have another eight packs to go - will I hit one of the rare relics or autographs?!  I have no idea as I am writing each post up as I open the packs rather than ripping through the entire box in a single shot!  Stay tuned to find out!


Mark Hoyle said...

If the Pedro is up for trade I'd love to have it

Nachos Grande said...

All yours Mark!

Hackenbush said...

Great Ripken.

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