Thursday, March 10, 2016

2001 Topps Stadium Club: Pack 6 - Vlad's Not Bad.

After this pack, I'll be halfway through my box of 2001 Topps Stadium Club.  So far, I've average a bit over three new cards per pack for my set.  If that trend continues for the remainder of the box I'll be really close to completing the full set.  As a set collector, that'd be awesome!

Pack 6:

11.  Brad Ausmus - Needed it!

Right on cue, I get a card I need for my set.  This one shows a pretty nice play at the plate.
13.  Edgardo Alfonzo
40.  Jim Thome - Needed it!

The amazing thing about Stadium Club is that I can still look at a card and realize that the image is unique enough that I must not yet own it.  That was my first thought when I saw this gorgeous Thome card - and I was right, I did need it!
56.  Bob Abreu
84.  Quilvio Veras
85.  Edgar Renteria
88.  Luis Gonzalez
91.  Carlos Feebles
93.  Magglio Ordonez
96.  Gary Sheffield
97.  Kenny Lofton
108.  Warren Morris
113.  Vinny Castilla
120.  Bret Boone
121.  Johnny Damon
169.  Sean Smith - Needed it!

It took awhile, but I did manage to eek out three new cards for my set from this pack.  Phew!
184.  Eric Munson
Capture the Action:  CA13.  Vladimir Guerrero

With half the box remaining, I still need 27 more cards from the set.  If I can average at least 3 new cards per pack (and with six packs remaining), that'd put me in range have a single digit's worth of wants on my 2001 Stadium Club want list.  I'd be happy with that!


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