Sunday, March 13, 2016

2001 Topps Stadium Club: Pack 8 - A Bagwell Pearl

I'm back again with the eighth (out of twelve) pack in my box of 2001 Topps Stadium Club.  In the last pack, I found a 15-year old expired redemption card for a dirt relic plus a whole lot of duplicate base cards.  Let's hope pack 8 is a bit kinder to me.

Pack 8:
22.  Jeromy Burnitz - Needed it!

Right off the bat I get a card I need for my set, nice!
40.  Jim Thome
42.  Mo Vaughn
47.  Ray Durham
48.  Dean Palmer
53.  Jose Canseco - Needed it!

I'll take it, another new one for my set.
56.  Bob Abreu
70.  Chuck Knoblauch - Needed it!

Alright, I hit my goal of three new cards for the pack.  Of course, after the last pack I'm feeling a bit greedy...let's hope I get some more new stuff!
85.  Edgar Renteria
88.  Luis Gonzalez
91.  Carlos Feebles
95.  Mike Mussina
96.  Gary Sheffield
112.  Omar Vizquel - Needed it!

Super!  A fourth new card - excellent news for me!
120.  Bret Boone
200.  Adam Pettyjohn
Diamond Pearls:  DP7.  Jeff Bagwell

And if you want to know which card was ruined by the Diamond Pearls insert, it was Fernando Vina being the unlucky one.  I lucked out there though because I already had Vina in my set.

That finishes off pack #8.  I ended up with another eight duplicates from the box which wasn't great but at least I augmented that with four brand new cards for my set.  At this point, I think that's actually a fine trade.

For the box as a whole, I'm pretty bummed that my one promised hit from the box was a long ago expired redemption, but otherwise this box has been a fun bust.  There are still four more packs, I could get lucky I guess!


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