Friday, March 04, 2016

2001 Topps Stadium Club: The Second Pack of the Box - Can I Land More Cards for My Set?

Yesterday, I began the process of ripping my final box from my Christmas 2015 haul.  Today, it's time to rip open pack #2.

Pack 2:
2.  Chipper Jones
25.  Barry Bonds - needed it!

Oh good, we start off with a card I need quickly - and a pretty big name from 2001 to boot!
49.  Jorge Posada
54.  Tim Salmon
77.  Shane Spencer - needed it!

I could have sworn I had two or three copies of this card - I'm hoping my want list didn't lie to me.
103.  Derek Bell
105.  Jeff Cirillo - needed it!

That's three from this pack, the number I consider to be a success.
139.  Mike Redmond
151.  Adrian Gonzalez
154.  Mike Stodolka
172.  Sean Burroughs - needed it!

Alright, four cards for the set.  That's better than three!
176.  Milton Bradley
179.  Ryan Anderson
180.  Ben Sheets
183.  Josh Hamilton
193.  Eddy Reyes - needed it!

Wow, five new cards - I'll take it!
Diamond Pearls:  DP8.  Cal Ripken Jr.

The Diamond Pearls cards are pretty nice but I actually hate pulling them in packs because they stick to the card next to them (you can see some of the stickiness on the Ripken above).  In this case, I ended up with a ruined Marquis Grissom base card (#117) which I actually need for my set.  This could have been a six card pack for me...but since this is 2001 I'm going to be a bit more picky with my set and therefore I'll keep hoping for another less-damaged Grissom card to head my way.

Even with the one damaged card, I can't complain about the pack as a whole.  This box has been good so far, let's hope the remaining ten packs keep up the pace!


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