Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Making Serious Progress on my 2010 Allen & Ginter Relic Set! (A Sail and a Swimsuit)

Back in 2010, I went way overboard buying Allen & Ginter.  In fact, I ended up with so many packs (and so many relics) that I decided to try and collect the entire relic set.  The 2010 relic set was actually the first relic set that I had ever tried to complete...and it will likely be the last seeing how it is now 2016 and I'm still missing a lot of relics from the set.

However slow my progress may be, this past week saw a nice jump in the action.  Thanks to one seller offering combined shipping, I managed to grab two more relics for my collection.

The first is of Mike Parsons - Surfer of the World's Largest Wave on Record according to his card back.

The relic bit from Parsons is actually a piece of swimsuit.  That's certainly way more interesting than your typical white or grey swatch for most baseball player relics.

My other relic that I was able to land was of Zac Sunderland - Youngest to Sail Solo Around the World.

Sunderland's relic is even more unique - it's a piece of his sail (though not necessarily the sail from when he went around the world).

With those two additions, I now own 75 of the 100 relics.  For the record, here's what I still need just in case you have any 2010 Allen & Ginter relics lying around unloved.

AGA.  Anthony Gatto
AJ.  Avery Jenkins
DB.  David Blaine
DBR.  Drew Brees
DH.  Dan Haren
DU.  Dan Uggla
DW.  David Wright
GSI.  Glenn Singleman
IS.  Ichiro Suzuki
JS.  Jordin Sparks
JV.  Joey Votto (jersey only)
KF.  Kosuke Fukudome
LB.  Lance Berkman
MM.  Marvin Miller
NF.  Neftali Feliz
PP.  Preston Pittman
RH.  Ryan Howard (bat only)
RO.  Randy Oitker
RP.   Regis Philbin
SJ.  Shawn Johnson
SSA.  Summer Sanders
TB. Tyler Brandt
TH. Tony Hawk
TK.  Tom Knapp
YG.  Yovani Gallardo


Fuji said...

Ginter's framed relics rule! Best of luck nabbing those final 25 cards for your set.

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